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Zoo Animals Ask Humans How They Like Being Isolated In Tiny Habitats With Minimal Exercise — The Out And Abouter

Following on yesterday’s post about animals in the wild in Botswana, my favourite satirist, Paul Duncan, gives us an important reminder on behalf of our animal friends in zoos. The COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a human version of … Continue reading

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Climatologists Grimly Watch As People Who Ignore Science Suffer Real And Immediate Consequences — The Out And Abouter

I’m reblogging this satirical piece from Paul Duncan’s The Out And Abouter.  It’s satire, but it’s awfully close to the mark. It’s a great read.  Warning: those of you who didn’t spend your career in an engineering building as I … Continue reading

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Migrant Girl Named Ana Franco Begins Keeping A Diary In US Detention Centre

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Reminiscent of nothing in particular, and certainly not the most poignant, resolute, triumphant, and tragic story written in the 20th century, a young girl in a detention centre in Clint, Texas has begun…

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Breaking: Canada Not Sorry – The Out and Abouter

The Out and Abouter, my favourite satirist, may have moved to the UK, but his heart is still in Canada, celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ magical winning of the NBA Championship! As he says, “No, we’re not sorry!” CHURONNO – As … Continue reading

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Monday, May 27, 2019 – Jesus Christ versus Donald Trump

Originally posted on Aging Capriciously:
Why do I get these crazy writing ideas when I am running?  I get some of what I consider my best ideas while I am out jogging.  Sometimes, my brain solves problems when I am…

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Scientists Rush To Discover Cure For Measles Other Than The One We Already Have

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Two re-researchers, ecstatic at the possibility of re-curing measles. As the recent measles outbreak in the United States rose to levels not seen in 25 years – with over 700 people infected with…

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American Spy Plane Detects Canadians Conducting Peace Exercises Along US Border

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Alarming footage of Canadians engaging in peace games within sight of the U.S. border. A clear provocation. In a flagrant escalation of their agenda of utter non-aggression, and a continuation of their publicly…

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Trump Announces Charity Run To End The Accidental Torture And Dismemberment Of Journalists — from The Out And Abouter

Reblogging yet another required-reading satirical piece from the redoubtable Out and Abouter.  Laughter’s always a good counter to despair or rage. In the latest sign that U.S. President Donald Trump is taking the tape-recorded killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi as … Continue reading

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