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The power of a smile … OK, and the power of running

As the (nearly 100-year old) song goes, When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, The whole world smiles with you. Last week our community, and especially our very large running community, lost someone whose smile was legend.  He was my former … Continue reading

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The power of running … and the running community

Running equals sneakers plus putting one foot in front of the other. Period. Or I suppose some people might even eliminate the sneakers. The point is that it’s the easiest possible physical activity to get started with. At least in … Continue reading

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Promoting good customer service – good for you, good for business

I’m a glass-half-full person by nature, but every once in a while the pervasive bad news leaves me with a heavy heart.  The past few days have had that effect, with the ongoing reports of senseless bombing in Syria, continuing famines in the … Continue reading

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Running, The Running Room, and social entrepreneurship

Running and entrepreneurship, what could they have in common?  Sure, entrepreneurs may very well be runners, since the drive, passion, and discipline that define most entrepreneurs are a good fit with running.  And, sure, since running has gained extraordinary increases … Continue reading

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