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A new project finally begins

A new project means different things to different people. It could mean starting a new woodworking project, a new writing project, a new painting, a new garden plot, or maybe a new venture altogether, like beekeeping. Whatever you feel passionate … Continue reading

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Quilting projects continue, so does trial and error!

In May I posted about some lessons I learned when putting together a quilt for one of my charming young grandsons. Happily, the eventual result was proclaimed a success by its young owner. I took my own advice when designing … Continue reading

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Quilting projects: creativity is all about trial and error

“The best laid plans”.  “Learn from your mistakes.”  “It’s all about serendipity.”  All of these phrases play into any creative activity, whether it’s writing poems or a piece of music, painting, woodworking, or, indeed, making quilts. You start with a … Continue reading

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Celebrating a life through quilting

One never knows when inspiration is going to strike. And one never knows what will spark that inspiration.  Today’s unexpected spark was a exhibition of quilts by Solveig Wells.  This was a special display of quilts; it was organized by her … Continue reading

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Turning a vague idea into reality: step 1

Some days, actually getting on with something seems to be a challenge.  I respond well to deadlines, especially when they’re looming.  But when there’s a seemingly generous amount of time before a deadline or – even worse – there’s no … Continue reading

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Quilting satisfaction

Two months after posting about the beginning of my new quilting project, we have a new king size bed, happily clad in my completed quilt.  It was the simplest pattern I’ve done, by far.  I decided that a busy pattern … Continue reading

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