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Rivers, floods, and the rhythm of spring

Earlier today, I joined the throngs of fellow citizens of our fair city out walking and biking in the spring sunshine. A leisurely stroll or ride along the river and around downtown is always enjoyable on a sunny Sunday, but … Continue reading

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Dominican Republic: more than just sun and sand, but the sun and sand sure are fabulous

We’ve just returned from our fourth winter get-away trip to the Dominican Republic (aka the DR), four trips spread over nearly 40 years. Each visit was special, but this time was particularly so because we spent a week in the glorious DR sun … Continue reading

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Quilting projects continue, so does trial and error!

In May I posted about some lessons I learned when putting together a quilt for one of my charming young grandsons. Happily, the eventual result was proclaimed a success by its young owner. I took my own advice when designing … Continue reading

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Cuba: More than just sun and beaches, there’s the lure of Havana

We finally made Cuba our destination of choice for our March Break getaway week in 2009. We were definitely playing catch-up with vast numbers of Canadians and Europeans who had been availing themselves of a burgeoning tourist industry in Cuba … Continue reading

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Costa Rica: There’s more to sun destinations than just sun and beaches, there’s nature

The #1 reason three generations of our family spent March Break in Costa Rica this year was because our grandchildren wanted to see monkeys in their natural habitat. They wanted to swim for sure – almost all day every day … Continue reading

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Cambodia: Life along the Tonlé Sap and Mekong Rivers

The travel companies that have been so successful in building a thriving river cruising industry in Europe are now expanding their offerings to new destinations, including the Mekong River in Cambodia (and Vietnam). This is 1st world travel in a … Continue reading

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Cambodia: the glory of the Angkor Empire

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to learn new things: things about history, geography, geology, nature, and especially about people around the world. We learned something about all of these topics on our recent trip to … Continue reading

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Vietnam: Images of country life

Villages along the Mekong River. In our recent trip to Vietnam (and Cambodia), we were lucky to have been able to visit some of the villages whose rhythm is very much tuned to the ebbs and flows of the Mekong … Continue reading

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