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When helping helps

Wars, disease, famine, and oppression are having devastating impacts on untold numbers of people around the world. In the “wealthy countries” we are seeing an alarming rise in the number of people who find themselves homeless. For decades homelessness was … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Contemplation

Who are these creatures? What is their story?

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Thoughtful Thursday: Join the confused philosopher deep in thought

I’ve come across several columns/posts offering something called “ponderisms” recently, questions to make you think and chuckle, well. mostly chuckle. They remind me of questions the Confused Philosopher used to ponder on the late, lamented Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy … Continue reading

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How do we find purpose in our lives, even when we’re considered “medium-old”?

Recently an item appeared in my email from a national retirees association, definitively labelling my age group as “medium-old”. I ask you?! According to this retirees’ newsletter, the senior years are broken down into “young-old” age (65-74) and “medium-old” age … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: How about just doing nothing?

A few weeks ago I encountered the following quote that made me chuckle: It’s meant to be a joke, of course, but aside from appreciating the play on words, I liked the suggestion that doing nothing – from time to … Continue reading

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Lessons for a happy life according to dogs – and cats

Time to take another break from thinking too hard and worrying too much about the state of our world. Let’s turn our attention to some of the good things in life, our pets. Lately a heartwarming tale about a young … Continue reading

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How little things really change – just ask Socrates

Fairly recently I started following an interesting blog that provides quotes from famous or quasi-famous people nearly every day.  Extensive collections of quotes. Wow, there are so many observations and admonitions that have been made over the years by so … Continue reading

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If I could turn back time – for peace, for love, …, for dinosaurs?

At the beginning of this year I accepted a challenge from fellow blogger John Persico, who writes the thought-provoking blog, Aging Capriciously.  I committed to writing on 3 topics of John’s choosing, and in return he’d write on 3 that … Continue reading

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