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Chicago marathon gets checked off the bucket list

The suitcases are unpacked, the legs are massaged, and my two-page training schedule is relegated to the recycle bin.  All that focus on the Chicago Marathon, front and center in our lives for 6 months, is now a memory, albeit … Continue reading

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A good massage therapist can help keep you running … or walking, or just moving

I don’t know about where you live, but in our small, fairly remote part of the world there are many massage clinics and they’re all busy.  My in-depth research into the subject (aka counting the number of entries in the … Continue reading

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Lessons from raising cows

I have always loved cows.  I grew up far from any cows, but whenever my family had occasion to drive in rural areas – usually when visiting our grandparents and cousins in upstate New York – I loved seeing them … Continue reading

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Problem resolution – there’s a good outcome out there waiting for you

Today is one of those days a runner doesn’t like.  Tomorrow I’m registered for a local half-marathon, meant to serve as my last long run before our multi-generational family participation in the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2 weeks’ time.  What … Continue reading

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Quilting satisfaction

Two months after posting about the beginning of my new quilting project, we have a new king size bed, happily clad in my completed quilt.  It was the simplest pattern I’ve done, by far.  I decided that a busy pattern … Continue reading

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Mindfulness, Chi Running, and Bhutan

Mindfulness.  Meditation.  Chi Running.  Tai Chi.  Yoga.  How are these different philosophies and activities related?  I have practiced Chi Running for nearly 2 years now, and it has allowed me to continue running, uninjured and happy.  Knock on wood, I … Continue reading

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Here an orthotic, there an orthotic

After two years of using perfectly satisfactory orthotics in my running shoes I noticed that there was a slight tear in the outer edge of the midsection of the left orthotic.  No big deal, just a tiny tear.  Wanting to be sure that my left foot … Continue reading

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