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Problem resolution – there’s a good outcome out there waiting for you

Today is one of those days a runner doesn’t like.  Tomorrow I’m registered for a local half-marathon, meant to serve as my last long run before our multi-generational family participation in the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2 weeks’ time.  What … Continue reading

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Good news: resting is really training

One of the expressions we use at home is, “Today’s going to be a training day.”  What that means in translation is that one of us plans on taking it easy that day, maybe even lie on the sofa and … Continue reading

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An intersection of running and writing

Today’s post is scheduled to be a running topic, based on my self-imposed plan to alternate between posts on running and writing for children.  Enthusiasm for this challenge is lacking because this is my third day of not running, two … Continue reading

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A saga of biomechanics and Chi Running

“and you’re really in luck if she walks like a duck.”  This was the final line of the first poem my husband ever wrote for me.  He wasn’t my husband yet, and it was part of a collection of one, … Continue reading

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