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A little humour (humor) to help guide our nutrition and general well-being

More grist for the laughter mill; it feels like we need laughter more and more just to keep our sanity these days. (Of course, ceasing to watch or read the news would probably work just as well, but wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Our relationship with food

Food can be your friend and food can be your enemy. Food provides us with the nutrition necessary for survival and good health.  Mind you, this requires that we have access to nutritious food and then that we actually choose … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: food choices matter

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For Mother’s Day, 5 things I learned from my mother-in-law about aging well

I need to put the title of this post in context. I did not learn these things from my dearly departed mother-in-law as a result of her explaining their importance to me.  She never gave me any advice at all … Continue reading

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Map Monday: taking a look at social progress around the world

This week I’m pleased to introduce you to a fascinating website that I was pointed to by a good friend and fellow map lover. Thanks, Bob (aka Robert). A non-profit organization called the Social Progress Imperative provides its annual report … Continue reading

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