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A New Year’s tradition: reflections, resolutions, and dreams of fresh starts

What a lot of articles and blog posts about New Year’s Resolutions these days. How to have realistic resolutions. How to stick to your resolutions. Use a fortune cookie to frame your resolutions. Set goals instead of establishing resolutions (I think maybe … Continue reading

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Why are straightforward projects seldom straightforward?

My last quilting project of 2017 isn’t quilted after all. And it is significantly smaller than the three quilts I made for our grandsons this year. But although it isn’t quilted … and it isn’t very big, the effort required … Continue reading

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Resetting the Optimism Button for 2017

Time for the Year in Review. This is the week in which every columnist reviews the past year from their perspective, be it sports, TV shows, movies, celebrity lives and deaths, or … dare I say it, politics. There are … Continue reading

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Gifts from the heart

Originally posted on Taste for Adventure:
Are these hands giving, or are they receiving? This holiday season, and every day for any reason, share these gifts and enjoy many happy returns. Attention – take the time to put other things…

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Blogging, writing, and suggestions for New Year’s resolutions

As you are always told at writing workshops: to start writing, just write.  Blogging is just the thing.  Aside from providing a vehicle for writing regularly and for being “out there”, the blogosphere allows writers of every stripe to share … Continue reading

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