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3 runners who inspire

My husband and I are “training” for two spring races, a 10K in Toronto on Mother’s Day and the Ottawa Half Marathon at the end of May.  Both are family events for us.  In the case of the Toronto 10K … Continue reading

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Fussy feet, happy feet

Given the teasing I’ve taken from shoe-loving female colleagues and family members over my disregard for stylish shoes, you’d think my feet would give me a break.  Throughout my working life I favoured shoes with relative comfort and conservative style.  But despite … Continue reading

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Our first half-marathon: it was brutal, we want more

Setting goals always seems like a good idea.  Setting a goal isn’t hard, but following through is another thing altogether.  Registering for a destination race is a great way to make a goal real.  Some people commit to things without too … Continue reading

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Why do so many runners blog?

I have been in the blogosphere for 12 days now, and have spent some time exploring the terrain, looking for ways to establish connections with like-minded bloggers.  One resource I found is called networkedblogs.com.  I was intrigued to see that … Continue reading

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Running gear: what do you really need?

The great thing about running is that you only have to throw on your running shoes and head out the door, right?  Well, kind of … sometimes.  In my early years of running, part of its allure was that I … Continue reading

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Running enhances creativity

Some of my best thinking comes while I’m running.  When I was working, I would find myself thinking through work issues while running.  I was often pleasantly surprised by the solutions that seemed to come to me out of nowhere … Continue reading

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