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Philosophy, Buddhism, paths to happiness … and writing

If ever there was a time when people might want to explore new paths to happiness, it is now. The world order has been turned upside down and compassion and civility across political divides is sorely lacking. Possibly because of … Continue reading

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Diversity and inclusion in books for kids: it needs to be on the radar screen

We’ve become a lot more diverse as a population in one generation in most parts of North America, and far more so in two generations. Speaking as a representative of the grandparent generation, when I was young, outside of big … Continue reading

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If yoga is the answer to everything, where are the men?

Yoga can help you with almost everything, according to devotees and a plethora of articles available at every turn.  I’m ready to agree with most of the assertions, with the caveat of finding the right kind of yoga for the newbie … Continue reading

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Yoga and workplace stress … nice, but not the solution

Maybe yoga really is the answer to everything.  I had been thinking that must be true, based on the number of specialized yoga classes available to address nearly every aspect of well-being.  So when I saw an article in Saturday’s … Continue reading

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Thinking about the 6 Thinking Hats

One of the techniques I used to share with my students to help them be productive when working in teams was Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.  While the conventional use of this technique is to give focus and improved … Continue reading

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The countdown is on for the Chicago Marathon

Today is a lovely fall day, cool and crisp.  What I would have given for this day yesterday, when I did my long run.  I did spend quite a while lying in bed yesterday morning reminding myself that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Unexpected benefits of derailed training plans

Seven weeks until the Chicago Marathon.  OMG.  There is no way I am going to get the heralded three 20-mile runs completed, or even three 20-mile walks.  Yesterday I went for an 18 miler and pretty well walked the second … Continue reading

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