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5 Mentoring tips for women, revisited

This is a topic for which I have quite a lot of passion. It turns out that I wrote this blog post more than 10 years ago, and yet very little has changed. At the very least, not enough has … Continue reading

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Social Justice Saturday: do we value our schools and teachers as much as we should?

Social Justice Saturday time. Time for another topic that has risen to the top of many people’s priority lists thanks to the pandemic: schools and the role they play in our societies. They have risen to the top of people’s … Continue reading

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Speak volumes — candidkay

This reblog of CandidKay’s post on mentorship is a worthwhile read for all women and men who work with others, especially in supervisory and leadership roles.  And keep in mind that sometimes (often) people serve in “unofficial” leadership roles by virtue … Continue reading

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Thoughts on women in leadership – Part I

Women in Leadership. Women in STEM. Women on Boards. Women in politics. The push to encourage more women to consider these options is ever-present and intensifying, at least from where I sit. The questions don’t go away: How do we attract more … Continue reading

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Living your dash, remembering to take stock

Last week was a sad and sobering one for me. Two people whose lives had intersected with mine in very different ways passed away in the same week. The reality is that death is part of life, and at my … Continue reading

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How do we mentor women when there aren’t enough female role models?

“Where are the women? How do we engage more of them?” This concern has been posed to me in three different contexts in the past two weeks, and in each case, I’m very pleased to say, by men. The specific questions, coming … Continue reading

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5 mentoring tips for women

There have been a striking number of articles about women in business and politics in the past six months or so: the lack of women on corporate boards, the successful use of quotas for women on boards in Europe, the … Continue reading

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Leadership, management, and mentoring: getting this right is good for you, good for business

Most of us have a pretty good idea of the formal difference between leading and managing. Leadership is more about having a vision and being able to get people to buy into that vision, which is a fairly rare gift. … Continue reading

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