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Kindness, compassion, and post-truth

My philosophy discussion group is “studying” Post-Truth this term. More often than not we’re exploring a philosophical topic where the ideas are so challenging (along with the writing) that we spend ages trying to make heads or tails of what … Continue reading

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A View On Borders, And The Migrants Between Them — The Out And Abouter

Not only can Paul Duncan write superb satire at his blog The Out and Abouter, it turns out that he can also defend the desirability for humane immigration policies in a most compelling narrative. I share these values and the … Continue reading

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Is the death of the small town inevitable?

One of those unexpected detours that life presents from time to time saw my husband and me diverted from our carefully-planned path of big-city living to what struck me at the time as a quaint outpost in eastern Canada.  Little did … Continue reading

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