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Losing my innocence at 70

For the first 70 years of my life, starting in the immediate aftermath of World War II, I really did believe that the world was progressing towards a common goal, one of peace and prosperity for all. Not just for … Continue reading

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Bathrooms for everyone – good for you, good for business

Several state governments in the U.S. have recently passed what to most of us seems like an absolutely bizarre law, popularly known as the bathroom bill. These bills require that a transgendered person, someone who has endured long-term and intense … Continue reading

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Accessibility is about more than just mobility, and it includes technology

Accessibility, usability, assistive technology.  What does it all mean? Does it matter to you?  The honest answer is that it may well not matter to you, at least not now.  But it may matter to you later, and it may … Continue reading

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