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Four Young Boys Growing Up in America, Part 2 (from Aging Capriciously)

Now we come to Part 2 of John Persico’s tale of the four boys. You don’t have to wait a week wondering what happened to them like I did, instead you can have a week to think about it afterwards. … Continue reading

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All Guns In US Recalled After One Found Covered In Romaine Lettuce — The Out And Abouter

More brilliant satire from Out and Abouter! “We just can’t be too careful when it comes to the possible risk of E. coli contamination,” said the head of the CDC, Ned Sanders, speaking to reporters shortly after his agency informed … Continue reading

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Regarding the Las Vegas massacre: too angry to mourn

If you have very strong views about the “sanctity” of being able to own as many dangerous weapons as you want, including automatic ones, you should not read this post. You won’t like it. But for the rest of the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Newtown shootings

Tragedy casts a pall over other plans.  The senselessness of current events defies understanding.  I was going to write about something else today, but in the wake of the shooting of 26 people in Connecticut yesterday, mostly little kids, everything … Continue reading

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