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Let’s start with self-kindness – be willing to be lazy

When I mused about planning a year-long birthday project focused on kindness in my previous post, fellow blogger Crystal Byers, who writes the inspiring blog Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope, suggested that I could always start with self-kindness. … Continue reading

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Favourite ideas for living a good life

John Persico, at his blog Aging Capriciously, writes thought-provoking and often provocative posts. I enjoy thinking about what he’s said and “listening” to his perspective to understand where he’s coming from. Recently he’s been posting a series about his four … Continue reading

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Leadership, management, and mentoring: getting this right is good for you, good for business

Most of us have a pretty good idea of the formal difference between leading and managing. Leadership is more about having a vision and being able to get people to buy into that vision, which is a fairly rare gift. … Continue reading

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Dealing with loss – it never gets any easier

This post was meant to be about leadership.  Leadership versus management.  But that will have to wait, because a more pressing topic has emerged: dealing with loss.  This morning we learned that a very dear friend has died.  In this … Continue reading

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Promoting good customer service – good for you, good for business

I’m a glass-half-full person by nature, but every once in a while the pervasive bad news leaves me with a heavy heart.  The past few days have had that effect, with the ongoing reports of senseless bombing in Syria, continuing famines in the … Continue reading

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