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Kindness, compassion, and post-truth

My philosophy discussion group is “studying” Post-Truth this term. More often than not we’re exploring a philosophical topic where the ideas are so challenging (along with the writing) that we spend ages trying to make heads or tails of what … Continue reading

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We’re not wired to embrace facts or make rational decisions, it’s all in The Undoing Project

I’ve just finished reading a book I got for Christmas (thanks, Phil) by Michael Lewis called The Undoing Project. If you’ve read any of Michael Lewis’s other books, such as Moneyball. Liar’s Poker, or The Big Short, you’ll know he’s … Continue reading

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There is so much more the Olympics could have taught us about Brazil

It’s now one week since the Rio Olympics wrapped up. There definitely has been a little bit of “what will we do now?” in our house. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we enjoyed every minute … Continue reading

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