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On Canada Day, why I love Canada

July 1 is Canada Day – every year.  It’s the birthday of Confederation, the date in 1867 on which Canada ceased to be a British colony and become a country in its own right.  On July 1, 1867 this new … Continue reading

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Map Monday: democracy throughout history

There’s much lamenting these days of the future of democracy as we know it, or rather as we would like it to be.  Sorry to say that, as an example, there is much concern both inside and outside one of … Continue reading

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Map Monday: let’s see just how well the world’s been doing

We can use maps to look at what’s happening to our environment around the world.  We can use maps to look at how weather patterns are changing around the world, or at pollution changes in the world.  We can look … Continue reading

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Pay attention, democracy is more fragile than we like to think

A few weeks ago I came across a powerful blog post by Matthew Wright, an historian and author in New Zealand, entitled “Remembering the importance of democracy”. It included an historical synopsis of World War II’s European front that I … Continue reading

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Elections, democracy, and doing it right

How to start this post. Writing about voting and representation isn’t easy, especially during an election. But this election in particular has me thinking about our options and how we get this right in the future. I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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Elections, happiness, and Bhutan

The nastiness of election campaigns pervades the news these days and dissatisfaction runs high towards most politicians in most developed countries.  The words “happy”, “satisfied”, and “trusting” don’t immediately come to mind where political processes are concerned right now, even … Continue reading

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