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Great news: not being a morning person doesn’t mean you’re lazy after all

Confession right up front: I have never been a morning person. Never, ever. I have managed to be reasonably responsible and fairly successful despite this flaw, but there has never been a time when I have not believed that if … Continue reading

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Diversity and inclusion in books for kids: it needs to be on the radar screen

We’ve become a lot more diverse as a population in one generation in most parts of North America, and far more so in two generations. Speaking as a representative of the grandparent generation, when I was young, outside of big … Continue reading

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Why write? Why blog?

This blog post was motivated by a post from a fellow blogger, DM, who asked so many questions in a recent post that my reply was too long to be typed into the usual comment box. This blogger – Iowan, farmer, … Continue reading

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Quilting projects continue, so does trial and error!

In May I posted about some lessons I learned when putting together a quilt for one of my charming young grandsons. Happily, the eventual result was proclaimed a success by its young owner. I took my own advice when designing … Continue reading

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Quilting projects: creativity is all about trial and error

“The best laid plans”.  “Learn from your mistakes.”  “It’s all about serendipity.”  All of these phrases play into any creative activity, whether it’s writing poems or a piece of music, painting, woodworking, or, indeed, making quilts. You start with a … Continue reading

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Terry Tractor takes a trip

Another Hugh story, for kids 2 -5.  Kids 3-5 might also like the Robby Robin stories. Terry Tractor Takes a trip A tractor named Terry lived in a barn near the sea,          with his friends the horses and lots … Continue reading

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Cambodia: the glory of the Angkor Empire

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to learn new things: things about history, geography, geology, nature, and especially about people around the world. We learned something about all of these topics on our recent trip to … Continue reading

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