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Map Monday: changes in world populations through the ages and associated factors for today’s world

Welcome back to Map Monday.  This week we’re going to use cartograms to illustrate our story.  Remember, cartograms are these strange looking maps that distort the shape of countries to reflect their relative contribution to the total amount being displayed. … Continue reading

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Looking at climate change through world maps

Welcome to my first instalment of Map Monday. The maps in this post, and their descriptions, come from a fantastic website at carbonmap.org. This particular series, called The Carbon Map, actually has an animated visualization of the maps shown below, … Continue reading

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World maps can tell so many stories

A number of news stories I’ve read this past week have used maps to tell their story. The data supporting the story, presented in one simple map, tell the tale quite eloquently. Yesterday, for example, I happened upon maps in … Continue reading

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