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Fleeing Ukrainians – why does it never stop?

When we think of paintings by the famous French painter Mark Chagall (actually Russian-French), we typically think of his dreamlike themes and brilliant use of colour.  Always imaginative.  Often free-floating. But he also painted powerful paintings that didn’t dance and … Continue reading

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When Anger Leads to Art

Originally posted on Cynthia Reyes :
Imagine: you’re an attorney in New York, dealing with brutal cases and people — some of whom are your colleagues. One day, out of the blue, you discover a love for painting. At first, it’s…

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Aging and running: managing expectations, capturing that feeling of joy

What brings people joy from physical activity varies from person to person. One person’s passion is another person’s horror. For example, the few times I have downhill skied I have experienced little beyond sheer terror, whereas many people pine for … Continue reading

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Haiti: There’s more to sun destinations than just sun, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking

As we watch from afar as the extraordinarily impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti gets pummeled by Hurricane Matthew, it’s hard to take in just how many forces of destruction have hit the Haitian people throughout their existence. Most recently, the … Continue reading

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