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Map Monday: the future of the Arctic with global warming and economic “opportunity”

As most of you know, the Northwest Passage has been in the sights of explorers and traders for literally centuries.  The dream has always been to find a shorter route from Europe to Asia than going all the way around … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday: random thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving in America, our neighbours to the south. And on behalf of many, many of your allies around the world, welcome back! We are thankful to know that America is now getting ready to rejoin the world in … Continue reading

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America’s issue with socialism, so that’s what it’s all about

I can’t have been alone in wondering over many, many years why so many Americans have such an aversion to ‘socialism’ even in its mildest forms, like universal healthcare.   Every other ‘developed’ country embraced what’s commonly called social democracy decades … Continue reading

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Four Young Boys Growing Up in America, Part 2 (from Aging Capriciously)

Now we come to Part 2 of John Persico’s tale of the four boys. You don’t have to wait a week wondering what happened to them like I did, instead you can have a week to think about it afterwards. … Continue reading

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Regarding the Las Vegas massacre: too angry to mourn

If you have very strong views about the “sanctity” of being able to own as many dangerous weapons as you want, including automatic ones, you should not read this post. You won’t like it. But for the rest of the … Continue reading

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The word is out: Trump’s rhetoric is eroding America’s moral authority

According to opinion pieces in CNN, the New York Times, and elsewhere recently, America’s moral authority in the world is being compromised by the intemperate language often used by their new president towards its allies and his own citizens. An … Continue reading

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