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Wordless Wednesday: How about a kindness pandemic?

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Wordless Wednesday: Social distancing guidelines with your favourite animal

Sadly, as hot spots  of COVID infections keep popping up around the world, we need to be reminded that we cannot let our guard down, both for ourselves and for others. The only weapons we have at the moment that … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday for women … and men | July 15/20

Instead of just enjoying these by myself every once in awhile, as I’ve been doing, I thought I’d share. We can laugh (and we can cry) as we continue to work towards changing this dynamic.

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Wordless Wednesday: our planet and COVID | July 8/20

Our destruction of natural habitats of wildlife is what has allowed these new viruses to cross over to humans in the first place. Ebola, HIV/AIDS, SARS, MERS, H1N1, and now the granddaddy of all, COVID-19. The granddaddy of all new … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: lessons from nature | June 24/20

Lessons from nature. All tigers are tigers, they get that. Lessons for humans.  

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Wordless Wednesday | May 27/20

Lessons from nature.   Image credit:, Scene from the IMAX film ‘Great Bear Rainforest, Land of the Spirit Bear’

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Wordless Wednesday: The enemy was at the gate … and we let him in

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Wildlife Wednesday … and almost wordless as well

There were 3 very rare white giraffes in Kenya until early March.  Along came the poachers, and then there was one.

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