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Pressure is a privilege – really?

We have just finished spending more time than I should admit watching one of the best US Tennis Opens ever. The quality of the tennis and the remarkable level of the young emerging tennis players was something to behold. Energy, … Continue reading

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Thirty years of damaging plastics

As follow-up to my recent Wordless Wednesday image, this blog post from blog Where on Earth is Francine uses words to powerfully convey our need to change our dependence on plastic, starting with bottled water. She ends with the quote, … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Canadian When…

Originally posted on A Sassy Lifestyle Blog:
You Know You’re Canadian When… I am so excited that I get to spend Canada Day in Canada this July 1st!! Living in the US for the past three years, I have noticed…

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Dear Journalists of Canada: Start Reporting Climate Change as an Emergency

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A five-point plan for mainstream media to cover fewer royal babies and more of our unfolding catastrophe. By Sean Holman 28 May 2019 | TheTyee.caSean Holman covered B.C. politics for 10 years and is now a journalism professor…

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Sustainability: Is the Mount Everest gridlock a metaphor for our planet?

The pictures that emerged this past week of the long line of climbers waiting their turn to get to the summit of the tallest mountain on our planet was staggering to behold. This is perhaps the most remote and inhospitable … Continue reading

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Looking at aging with the glass half full

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands …” If everyone were to sing this well-known ditty, which age groups would clap the loudest? 1-5 year olds? 10-20 year olds? 40-50 year olds? 70-80 year olds? If you … Continue reading

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Planning the biggest party of your life, even if you can’t be there

Life provides many opportunities for parties, right? Birthday parties when you’re little. Birthday parties for your kids – one of the most stressful aspects of parenting imaginable in my books. We won’t count all those teen parties that your parents … Continue reading

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