A little humour (humor) that reflects on our world of technology

We (OK, I) started this year – and this month – with some much needed humour. Let’s end the month the same way; laughter remains as needed as ever. I’ve collected quite a stash from my various social media feeds this month, so I’m going with a theme. I’m limiting this selection to cartoons that remind us of just how dependent we’ve become on our devices. Having just returned from my gym, where everyone is checking their phones in between reps and/or talking at length to someone not at the gym while on the treadmill or exercise cycle, there’s no doubt that it’s the truth behind these cartoons that makes them funny. Enjoy! (Thanks to Warren, Marilyn, and others for these offerings.)

Any favourites?! 🙂

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40 Responses to A little humour (humor) that reflects on our world of technology

  1. I’m chuckling away here……what a great way to start the week, especially when I’ve been frantically trying to displace some hefty editing with a spot of vacuuming and dusting. Some ace cartoons there – the book/password & empty-handed angels topped it for me!

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      Happy to help life the mood, Joyce. I’ll also add the following advice: put the vacuuming and dusting at the bottom of your list. Have you noticed how men don’t even see dust? Is that some sort of evolutionary advantage they have?!

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  2. Deb says:

    So funny Jane, and so true. I love, and relate to all of them! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

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  3. I chuckled through all of them, but I think my favorite is the last one. Funny how we humans always latch on to the newest technology, no matter what it is.

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  4. I wanted to respond to each one and your like button should have a hilarious and a love button instead!!!

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  5. heimdalco says:

    SOOO funny .. I love them all. BUT they are a sad commentary on our collective dependance on devices. One of my pet peeves is going to a restaurant & seeing 2 couples dining out together & all 4 of them are on their phones. I wonder what happened to real conversation. But WAIT … maybe all isn’t lost. They just MAY be calling each other … LOL

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  6. heimdalco says:

    LOL back atcha … that could be a sticky situation, especially if one or more of them were ‘voice texting.’ (I can see it morphing into a musical rom com sit com)

    I guess we can safely assume none of them are ordering a pizza delivery (depending on the restaurant where they are, of course).

    I LOVE that your post has led us to our OWN original humor, which is a delightful outcome.

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  7. Love all of these, Jane! Thank you for the laughs 😁

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  8. barryh says:

    Love the one about the dog and the gps!

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  9. Kevin says:

    They passed school without Google. 😆

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  10. Oh thank you for the humor break. SO needed during these unfunny times. I really enjoy the respite!

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  11. Love them, Jane. The cartoons had me laughing out loud. Keep them coming!

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  12. Wynne Leon says:

    Oh my goodness, I love these! The phone one where “our ancestors had tails.” Oh, and thank goodness I haven’t had wine for every time I’ve gotten a Windows error in my career. I might not ever be sober. Hilarious! Thank you, Jane!

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  13. Margaret says:

    LOL 😆 It really is the truth behind your cartoons that make them funny. I rather like the last one which gives me images of almost anyone who can’t find their phone gradually becoming more and more frantic! I take my phone everywhere with me nowadays, mainly for security reasons – quite mad and sad 😔 I survived for over 40 years without one!!

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  14. Bernie says:

    I shared this with my kids and husband and not a single comment. Perhaps it hit too close to home?

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  15. sonal singh says:

    Funny !! loved them

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  16. Jean says:

    One day you will do a post on APChat / ChatGPT. 😀

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