Canada in pictures … and humour

I’ve often gone to the site in my search for fun maps, but thanks to my friend Marilyn – who clearly spends at least as much time browsing the Internet as I do – for reminding me of all the non-map treasures on offer at Bored Panda. As they say in their intro:

Bored Panda is … dedicated to spreading viral content that makes people happy. Each month, we bring happiness to 30 million readers from the US, the UK and all around the world.

Here is a taste of one of their recent posts, called “Meanwhile, In Canada”: 50 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Canada. I’m not sure that you should take the part about summing up Canada perfectly too seriously, but they are fun. I’m offering you 10 of my favourites, but it’s worth the few extra minutes to check out the other 40 pics Bored Panda provides in their attempt to capture Canada in pictures … and humour.

Two pets … or one pet and one curious visitor? Canada-Pets

The Service Dog bathroom at the Kelowna, BC airport Canada-DogLoo

People are awesome – spotted at Union Station, Toronto Canada-Scarves

Starlink works great until the cats discover that the dish gives off a little heat on a cold day Canada-WarmCats

When you’re really snowed in, you need to ask for help Canada-OutOfBeer

Canada Post location In Vancouver has a fitting room. “Try it on here. Is your online purchase right for you? If not, we can help you return it” Canada-CanadaPost

A made-in-Canada way to keep your beer cold in winter Canada-ColdBeer

Annual hair-freezing competition. Contestants keep themselves warm in the hot springs while letting the cold winter air freeze their wet hair into interesting shapes. Canada-WeirdHair

A copy of the bill we got when our daughter was born in Canada Canada-OurBill

The colours are so spectacular this (pre-snow) time of year Canada-AlgonquinPark

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Canada at its finest. Be sure to check out the others at this Bored Panda site! 🙂

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28 Responses to Canada in pictures … and humour

  1. Victoria says:

    Love all of these, Jane! Must confess the hair freezing competition was a belly laugh. And my soul sighed when I saw the “hospital bill”, Canada-style, for a newborn. Love that – on so many levels. ❤️

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  2. jofedorchuk says:

    Love all of these, and I have to say that I miss snow! I live now in the California desert, (it’s a long story) and these made me think of the homeland 🙂

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  3. I certainly did! Hard to pick a favorite, but the beer in the snow and the frozen hair are at the top.

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  4. And the winner is ……….. all of them!

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  5. I could never fathom beer in the winter. It’s always been a summer beverage for me. 😉 – Marty

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  6. Those are awesome, Jane. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. 9erick says:

    I loved the pictures, especially the bottom one. I will click the link you gave to go to BoredPandas site.

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  8. Jean says:

    I can’t imagine the icy hair-freezing “contest”. No way. 😀

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  9. I love Bored Panda and Meanwhile In Canada. The copy of the bill is priceless, and the free scarves are endearing and fun. Thanks for the smiles, Jane.

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  10. Belladonna says:

    The frozen hair pics are awesome!

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  11. Roy McCarthy says:

    Love these, especially the cats in the dish and the free scarves. The idea of free stuff – bring what you don’t need, take what you want, is gaining ground against all our self-serving instincts.

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      I’m glad these worked for you, Roy. It is interesting, isn’t it, that in this polarized world, at the individual level people are reaching out to each other and sharing more, like with the little libraries.


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