Gurdeep of the Yukon: Dancing to spread joy, hope, and positivity

I’m pretty darn sure that you can’t watch Gurdeep Pandher do his Punjabi Bhangra dance without a smile of pure delight crossing your face. Bhangra dancing was originally developed for that exact reason, to spread joy.  That’s why he keeps dancing.  And that’s why he’s currently engaged in a cross-Canada tour, doing all he can to spread joy from coast to coast to coast.

I’ll be honest, the first few times I watched YouTube clips on FaceBook of Gurdeep dancing or on the news, I thought he lived in Nova Scotia and this was something regional. That this lovely man was telling Nova Scotians how much he liked being there.  Well, I may have been correct about the message he was trying to convey, but not that he lived there. In fact, I’ve just come to realize that he lives, of all surprising places, in a cabin in the northerly Yukon! And during the pandemic he’s been posting daily YouTube videos of himself doing Bhangra dancing outside his remote cabin (in some extremely cold weather!), in an effort to spread joy, hope, and positivity. Joy and positivity can have no better ambassador.

Gurdeep Pandher dancing at Inverness, Cape Breton, right near where my husband’s parents lived in retirement. Joy abounds.Gurdeep-Inverness

As I said, he has now moved from spreading joy by video and the Internet to undertaking an in-person cross-Canada tour, hoping to bring joy, hope and diversity to even more people. He acquired a van, equipped it with solar panels and a bed, and hit the road.  Surely there can be no more welcome activity than watching someone perform a dance of joy, or even better, joining in yourself.  Especially in beautiful locations throughout Canada. And he’s been finding many beautiful and varied dance spots.

I know many of you don’t always take the time to click on links on blog posts, especially video links.  But I strongly encourage you to check out at least one of these samples, so you can see why he is so effective with his message of joy. [Click on the image to view each short video. The ad doesn’t last long!]

  • The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Gurdeep Pandher joined forces to spread joy and inclusivity through Bhangra dancing. Gurdeep-CAF
  • Just before Christmas 2021, Katharine Smart, a children’s doctor in the Yukon and also president of ​​the Canadian Medical Association, visited Gurdeep’s cabin in the wilderness. They drank tea and danced Bhangra for joy, hope and positivity. Gurdeep-Yukon
  • Gurdeep Pandher’s has danced in many cross-cultural settings, including with Indigenous peoples in whose territory he lives in the Yukon. This video of him dancing at Peggys Cove in Nova Scotia with Scottish bagpipes playing is yet another example of his embrace of multiculturalism. Gurdeep-PeggysCove

If you’re intrigued by this simple path towards joy, hope, and positivity (and great exercise), you can find lots of Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon videos online that teach you how to do the steps!

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32 Responses to Gurdeep of the Yukon: Dancing to spread joy, hope, and positivity

  1. I have been charmed by Gurdeep since the first time I saw him dance; I love Bagra dancing and I love his positivity even in -40 weather. What a guy! So glad he is spreading his joy now in Nova Scotia; it is just what our poor world needs. Thanks so sharing.

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  2. Wonderful! Everyone around him looks so happy he has achieved his goal….😍🌞

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  3. Rose says:

    This is awesome Jane! Can you imagine a world with 8 billion people living and loving life filled with joy, hope, and positivity? ❤️😄

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  4. Reblogged this on Musings and Wonderings and commented:
    Happiness and joy!

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  5. Dr. John Persico Jr. says:

    Pretty cool. Can you send him down to Wisconsin or Arizona. We need him more than you do.

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      An interesting observation, John. It dawns on me that someone like Gurdeep might not get the same uniformly warm welcome across the States that he receives in Canada. It’s sad that such a thought even crosses my mind.


  6. Jean says:

    Yes, over last 2 yrs., I’ve seen some of his videos. He did lead a dance number at the national Juno awards tv show for Canadians in film, tv. Not that he won anything. If anything, it shows how to keep positive (those endorphins from exercise can help) and healthy in colder, more remote part of a country. Those larger swarms of deerflies, etc. will keep anyone hopping during summer up North!

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  7. I’ve been watching Gurdeep practically from the beginning. There is a group in your neck of the woods – the Maritime Bhangra Group. Been following them for a while too. They raise money for good causes. The world needs more people like these folks.


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  8. Wynne Leon says:

    This is so fun!! Thank you, Jane for introducing me to someone so fun and inspirational. I loved the bagpipes one although you are right, the joy and positivity just abounds in each!

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  9. He was featured on our local news networks this winter. Gurdeep is awesome!

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  10. I’ve seen him on YouTube, and he sure does make me smile.

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  11. Margaret says:

    The name Gurdeep Pandher is familiar to me but I can’t remember seeing his dancing before. The videos were fun to watch and well needed during the current sad state of affairs in the world.

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  12. Bernie says:

    I had to hit up YouTube as the links would not work for some reason. Seriously good work out hey! Interesting about his trip across Canada. I had not heard of him before but had heard about the 4 Maritime guys. We need more people who make us laugh and smile and share their joy. Bernie

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  13. I’ve happily followed his YouTube videos throughout the pandemic. He certainly makes me smile. 🙂

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  14. debscarey says:

    Gurdeep is a joy! How fabulous that he’s now doing an in-person tour. Lucky Canada to have him! 🙂

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  15. heimdalco says:

    Such an amazing man with so much joy. I admire him so for spreading that joy through dance & personal expression. Do you know more about him? Does he have a profession? There are so few like him. I loved the video with the bag piper & the lovely light house & scenery.

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