Celebrating winter, snow, and the Canadian outlook that sees us through it!

Winter has arrived in eastern Canada. It took a while to really make its presence known, to make it abundantly clear that, yes, it was here and it was planning to stay. Western Canada, you definitely got an early start on us this year as far as winter is concerned.  Now that one of our country’s defining characteristics is in full force everywhere, let’s look at some observations about winter in Canada.






And so, for those of you who haven’t seen this short YouTube video before, or for those of you who have but just want to put a smile on your faces again, Clark W and his gang offer you a sense of what we’re all about, snow and all.  For a sense of the joy, a little fun and a lot of truth, take a quick look and listen to Up Here, in Canada. (Just ignore those few seconds of ad at the beginning.)


I have a confession to make, I love Canadian winters.  Every day is an adventure in living, and it is so beautiful.  Happy winter, everyone!


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28 Responses to Celebrating winter, snow, and the Canadian outlook that sees us through it!

  1. beetleypete says:

    I am impressed by how well you cope with snow. Four inches of snow here, and England shuts down totally. As a result, I hope I never see snow again, except on TV.
    Thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. That’s true wherever snow’s not a frequent occurrence. It’s too costly for people and municipalities to be prepared for something that rarely happens! We lived in London for 2 years an exceedingly long time ago, arriving and departing in mid-March. It snowed when we arrived and then again when we left, and maybe never in between. I can still visualise the Borough of Barnet road gritting truck; it wouldn’t have been to useful here! But when you’re well prepared it’s so beautiful. I’m looking forward to following your blog, Pete.

  2. Inkplume says:

    Too funny! Now if You’ll excuse me, I have to go feed my polar bear and moose.

  3. Jean says:

    lst, I love the 2 ft. snow sculpture photo from somewhere.

    I don’t drive…so I’m protected from the rigors of wintery snow/ice driving. That said, I love when it is snowing steadily …with winds under 30 km./hr. At night, it is especially lovely in open park paths with some lighting. So peaceful. New Brunswick probably gets a slightly more wetter flakes with greater humidity. Here in Alberta, our air much drier year round which means the snow quality is different and very ideal in Rockies to go skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. Calgary unlike Edmonton, gets occasional chinook warm air masses blowing in from over the Rockies. So temp rises to melting and dry air reduces snow piles. Makes spring melt abit faster… though I find our winters quite loooong. It would be even longer in the mounain resort towns.

    We had over 6 days of winter deep cold temp -35 to -41 degrees C (wind chill @ winds 10-20 km.) Even air was still, the temp. was -35 between Christmas and just after New Year’s this yr. Dangerously cold.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      That’s what I love, too, the peacefulness of a full-on snowfall with minimal wind. You’re not kidding that your end of the country got walloped by seriously frigid air over the holidays. Unbelievable! Glad that finally ended. Enjoy the good parts of winter, Jean. And stay warm!

  4. Love it and you made me laugh out loud!! We’re supposed to 12-18 inches starting tonight and into Monday morning. It’s been awhile since we got a load like they’re calling for. Stay warm, Jane!!!

  5. Thanks for this, Jane. Loved the video!! Yes, our winter is now in liquid form, the snow’s all but gone and the temperature is about 8 Celsius. We even had a dry spell today 🙂

  6. boblorentson says:

    Hysterical! This has got my early vote for funniest post of 2022.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      It’s hard not to like this comment, Bob, coming from a master of humour (or humor, depending on your orientation!). Wait to you see my post when spring rolls around … in June! 😏

  7. Something else that made me laugh out loud! Thank you, Jane. I love winter…and this post.

  8. Down south in Maine, I am with you all the way. I, too, love winter. Fun song. But, hey! Did I miss Joni Mitchell? Or was she not featured?

  9. Excellent!
    I grew up with Winter from early December to late March early April and for a large part of my life lived in the Near North so grew to really appreciate Winter.
    However, now I in live in Nova Scotia and with the added benefit of climate change and the Maritime climate Winter is a mess! It seems most of the time the temperature hovers around 0* C and that just seems to sink into my bones and I have a hard time staying warm. Even when it is cold it is not really cold enough to enjoy a walk with a warm jacket!
    Just heard on the news from Environment Canada that our Winter temperatures are now averaging 4*C warmer than the average from the last 100 years, no wonder Winters are fubared!

  10. BernieLynne says:

    The Am I On the Road game. Never truly a fun one at all. Love the last picture — hope it’s some family time!

  11. margiran says:

    Made me smile and I can feel the joy even if it is freezing 🧊😀

  12. LA says:

    The two feet of snow really made me chuckle

  13. I love it and have never head it before

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