Wow, the knives are out for New Year’s resolutions!


In the last few days leading up to New Year’s Eve, the blogosphere has been filled with people sharing their resolutions for the coming year, and also several who proclaimed that they just didn’t feel they could bring themselves to set out resolutions for 2022, given what 2020 and 2021 had been like.  Totally understandable.  But there were also more posts than usual from people dissing the whole notion of even thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  That New Year’s resolutions are not just bogus but bad for your self-esteem.  And, personally, I think that’s too bad.

I get that making resolutions – or even to-do lists – aren’t for everyone.  And I sure as heck get that most of us don’t stick to our resolutions, even after a few weeks.  Just ask the owners of gyms, who are delighted to welcome new members on January 1 every year with the full expectation that the traffic in the gym probably won’t last long but the monthly membership fees will keep rolling in!

When I was young ( a young woman, that is), I used to make resolutions like ‘I will remember to give my kids their vitamin tablets every day’ and ‘I will gain 10 pounds’, neither of which ever came to fruition.  Needless to say, after a few years of not paying attention (things like kids, cows, and work got in the way), my resolutions changed to things like ‘I will lose 10 pounds’.  Funny, that didn’t take hold either.  So, granted, for most of us, making New Year’s resolutions are more wishful thinking than reality.

But is reflection and some wishful thinking such a bad thing at year’s end?  Surely, taking time for reflection is a good thing.  And I would like to think that for most of us our New Year’s resolutions are not setting us up for failure.  We’re not all that surprised or devastated if we don’t lose the weight we had hoped to shed or turned into a ripped version of our former flabby selves.  And, for sure, a few of the most resolute resolution-makers do accomplish their new goals.  So where precisely is the harm?

I happen to be an incurable resolution writer who’s not all that hard on herself.  Setting goals helps me.  For the past many years my resolutions have focused on running goals, writing goals, blogging goals, sometimes quilting goals, and making sure I stay connected to friends and family far and wide.  For the most part my goals have just been being tweaked the past few years.  However … a New Year’s Eve blog post at Hot Goddess, 3 ways to make your new year magical in midlife, gave me unexpected food for thought.  After all, just because I’m undoubtedly past the midlife point, that doesn’t mean I can’t work at making my life even more magical than it already is!

Here are the Hot Goddess’s intriguing tips:

1. Learn something new.

Her example was learning to make bourbon, something I will readily admit I had never thought of!  But it could be to learn a new language, or how to use a new piece of technology.  It could be to learn some new recipes (not on my list, sorry), or learn a new sport or craft.  I learn something new every term with my weekly philosophy group, and that’s kind of magical.

2. Try something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

I love this one.  I have a pretty good track record in this area, but maybe not so much lately.  I have to give this one some thought … and that, for me, is what New Year’s resolutions are all about, reflecting on what’s possible.

3. Do something you’re afraid of.

I wasn’t quite so convinced about this one.  Her personal example was kayaking for several hours, knowing she couldn’t swim if the kayak were to upset (not at all uncommon with kayaks).  While pondering possible scary scenarios I thought of George Bush, Sr. jumping out of a plane to celebrate his 90th birthday.  That must fall in this category of being scary and magical.  Fortunately, I’m not quite at 90 yet, so I have several years to consider that particular challenge.  Bungie jumping would qualify as something I’m afraid of.  Actually, holding a snake is something that’s scary to think about even as I type this, yet our grandkids have done that many times.  Maybe that should be my resolution to satisfy #3.  Or not.  I’ll have to give this one some thought as well!

Regardless of whether Natalie’s tips for a magical life through 3 “simple” resolutions sound like your cup of tea, I know you will enjoy reading her post.  Her illustrations alone are worth the visit, but so are her personal examples. Really worth the visit.

Happy New Year, one and all!



Image sources: Year change from, cartoons from Pinterest

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36 Responses to Wow, the knives are out for New Year’s resolutions!

  1. I wouldn’t say that I’m against the concept of self-improvement or setting new year’s resolutions. But I found that this year, I wasn’t really in the mindset to hear it

  2. Jean says:

    I rarely make a hit list. I just have a few vague things in my head that I know need to move along. And know it’s me, not anyone else to do it for me.

  3. debscarey says:

    Like you, I’m not so keen on the “do something you’re afraid of” option, but I do heartily agree with the first two – and they are things I try to incorporate into my life. I actually haven’t made NY Resolutions for years, but I do agree with having goals, especially ones like these. Here’s wishing you a healthy & happy 2022 Jane!

  4. Alison says:

    I do like to make resolutions I just tend to not make them for the new year. There’s a lot to be said about writing down your goals. That’s all we’re talking about after all, right? Here’s to a clean new year with all its promises! Cheers!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Setting goals is indeed what we’re talking about. I’ve often thought that the most natural time for setting new goals for oneself is when school starts back in the fall. It feels more like a new beginning than January. But there’s no bad time to reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be … and to set goals to help you get there. Happy New Year, Alison!

  5. Another great blog, Jane, and the tips are great. Publishing a new book takes me right out of my comfort zone, into afraid territory. Working on getting over that this year. 🙂

  6. Mark Gillett says:

    Looks like we both have similar ideas about setting inspiring goals not traditional resolutions this year!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      I think you’re right. However, having just read what Everesting is, that’s not going to be one of my goals. Btw, I do actually think that your 7 tips for setting an inspiring goal would work for way more than running goals. I feel a blog post coming on in that regard. Thanks, Mark!

  7. Roy McCarthy says:

    Not for me. In fact those ‘lose weight’-type resolutions imply that one is unsatisfied with one’s own body and when the resolution inevitably fails, that reinforces the belief. I have resolved however to waste no more emotional energy in stressing over my home town soccer team Birmingham City seeing as how I’ve been gone now 44 years.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. This from the man who successfully lost so much weight last year?! 😏 I love your resolution, Roy. Toronto Maple Leaf fans should make a similar resolution; they haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967!

  8. I agree! At the very least, resolutions can serve as a way to focus intentions. Without intentions, we are less likely to move forward. Onward, ho!

  9. BernieLynne says:

    Loved your choices of memes! So funny. I am a HUGE list maker and have used a word of the year for about 14 years. Sometimes twice when I couldn’t find the elusiveness of it. I am with you, if we want to , it does no harm. As to those 3 items on the hot goddess, yes, the second two require thought and no broken bones!

  10. Great post, happy new year! Wishing you luck with achieving all of your goals ❤️

  11. Over the years I have been quite sporadic with lists, resolutions or otherwise. However I do like the idea of reflection and then working on areas where I can do better. A Philosophy group sounds good for starters.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      There’s a resolution for you, Wayne. Start a philosophy group in Wolfville. Or some kind of afternoon discussion group with members taking turns choosing the topic and the reading. Tons of fun!

  12. Wynne Leon says:

    I love your cartoons at the end – they do a great job at making the point! I love that you say that you “aren’t that hard on yourself.” What a gift and good self-awareness.

    The Hot Goddess post was great. I think about doing something scary – that it can be emotionally scary and not just physically challenging. Maybe like reading your work out loud to an audience or dreaming a big, audacious dream?

    Whatever it is for you, I wish you a Happy New Year!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Aren’t those cartoons great?! You’re right, scary doesn’t have to be something physical. I’ve done things I’ve been scared of and also some things that others considered audacious, but usually those were due to opportunities presenting themselves and me saying “yes” before talking myself out of it. Maybe this is the year I should be proactively audacious!! Thanks, Wynne. Happy New Year to you, too.

  13. Jane, I am so honored and delighted by your kind shout-out! Thank you!❤ I love your attitude. And I confess, skydiving, bungee jumping, and snake holding are all too scary for me to add to my “magical” list. Cheers to a year of fun and discovery 💫. So appreciative of your support❤!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      It’s my absolute pleasure, Natalie. I may even go looking for an online French (my second language-in-progress) discussion group, following your brave example!

  14. Hi Jane. You might be interested in these on YouTube: ‘Seek Discomfort’ [] and their related ‘Yes Theory’ []. I find them (vicariously) inspirational. If you mimic them, it would allow you to cover all three of the Hot Goddess’s points 😃

  15. Love those cartoons!!! I’m a list maker for everything. I started my 2022 list night before last and still writing!! It gives me purpose and a pat on the back when I complete something. Happy New Year, Jane.
    Love ya, Rita

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Aha, so we’re both list-makers as well. If I’ve got it on a list I’m pretty committed to doing it; some work habits never die. I’m going to guess that your list is even longer than mine, Rita! 😊💕

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