Yearend review: just who the heck reads blog posts anyway, and what do they really like?!

Here we are in that strangest of weeks, when even the news slows down … well sort of.  COVID doesn’t seem to know about the traditional slowdown between Christmas and New Year’s, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.  It’s the perfect – and traditional – time for reflection.

Most bloggers spend more time looking at their stats than they’d admit to, and the most fun of all is being able to look at a full year’s worth.  Of course, you can look at the 365-day totals any time you want, but there’s something so “official” about the end of the year, isn’t there?  Review what’s done; plan your dreams for what’s ahead.  That brief moment in time when we can plan for all the positive things we want to experience or accomplish, confident all those plans can be realized.  😉  There’s nothing better!

One of my very favourite stats that WordPress provides to its bloggers is the map and list of countries showing where the day’s (or the week’s, month’s or year’s) readers are situated.  We often talk about all the connections we make in the blogosphere and how rewarding it is to meet people – virtually of course – from all over the world and from all walks of life.  Well, the world map and the data it provides prove just how true that is.

This is the world map showing where visits to Robby Robin’s blog came from in 2021.  Would you believe that a full 171 countries recorded visits in 2021.  Out of the 193 countries that are members of the UN, plus the 2 that are not, 171 had at least one person who read one or more (or many) Robby Robin posts.  How cool is that?!


This screen grab of the first 18 of the list of 171 countries shows another cool benefit of the WordPress stats: the flags of each country that had a visitor to your blog.  I love trying to identify countries by their flags.


The other important list to review, of course, is which blog posts attracted the most visitors.  Presumably the subject matter of those posts serves as some sort of indicator of what subject matter is of interest to most readers.  Having said that, there has been no common theme of most popular topics from year to year for me, so perhaps the best thing to do is just be glad when you write on a topic that really resonates.

Of the top 10 hits on my blog in 2021, only 2 of them were actually written in 2021.  So for those of you who are relatively new to the wonderful world of blogging, this proves that patience is a virtue in the blogosphere.  Once your post is “out there”, it may keep being sought after for many years to come.  One of my Map Mondays from years ago was read by nearly 1400 people this past year!

Now – drumroll please – for my top 10 blog posts of 2021:

  1. Fitness is freedom
  2. The Charles Schulz philosophy is a good reminder for us all
  3. The joys in growing old – on reaching the ¾ century mark!
  4. A new year – a gift of time
  5. So many ways to spread the joy of reading
  6. For Mother’s Day, 5 things I learned from my mother-in-law about aging well
  7. Growing old … 2 sides of the coin!
  8. Our relationship with food
  9. Family: parenting versus grandparenting
  10. The power of a smile … OK, and the power of running

What do these most popular 2021 posts say about Robby’s readership?  Well, at least half of these posts are about family and aging.  And how to lead a good life.  They’re posts with positive messages, even #10, which shares lessons learned from a dear friend to so many who passed away far too young.  I’m going to guess that positive messages such as these are always welcome and reassuring, and never more so than in these turbulent times of COVID and political uncertainties around the world.

Map Mondays were posted on 15 Mondays this past year, and were always well received, but none quite made the top 10 this year.  However, one of the Map Mondays from 2020, Map Monday: global trade is an ancient tradition, is already #6 on Robby’s all-time list, out of 10 years’ worth of blog posts.  So, as I say to new bloggers, you never know what will take off.  The main thing is to be having fun blogging.  And how can you not?!

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the activities most responsible for keeping me sane and constructively occupied during these nearly 2 years of COVID semi-isolation (or at least not bored and not causing trouble).  Thank you for being there, readers and fellow bloggers.  Thank you for being my friend!  Happy blogging and happy reading … oh yes, and Happy New Year!


Image source: Pinterest

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20 Responses to Yearend review: just who the heck reads blog posts anyway, and what do they really like?!

  1. Sane and constructively occupied, glad to be of assistance my friend!

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  2. LA says:

    I’m big on year end wrap ups…I like the sense of closure they provide. Then it’s onward and upward

    Liked by 1 person

  3. barryh says:

    Another year of fine posts, Jane. Great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks Jane, I always look forward to your blog and so glad we became acquaintances. I like the variety and expanse of topics, so please keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I didn’t even know I could do this but will look into it. I write for my love of it and to help with being self reliant., Happy New Year Jane!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Fritz says:

      I know you’ve got at least two countries on your visitors map, Rita! I for one am glad you like to write about your very interesting life. I can’t think of anyone more self-reliant! 😊 Happy Nee Year!!


  6. I love the maps. Flattering to know that my words are traveling to Thailand.

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  7. Jean says:

    I agree, blogging can be fun..with the right attitude.

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  8. It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs, Jane. I confess I don’t spend anytime looking at my blog stats and forgot that I can see where the bloggers come from on a map. Guess I’m too focused on analyzing stats from marketing and bookselling efforts, and editing, of course. Endless editing…:) Happy New Year!

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  9. Roy McCarthy says:

    I often wonder what percentage of ‘landings’ are accidental and fleeting though. I can’t imagine my one-time visitors were impressed with what they found 🙂 I’m pleased to see Jersey punching above its weight in your list 🙂
    I have one historic post (The Newall Murders) which is far and away the most popular of all time, simply through engine searches. It doesn’t actually add anything to that story.
    Of course your blog, Jane, is way more ‘professional’ and researched than my slapdash affair and deserves a lot more attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Yes, I always love seeing the large number of visits from Jersey! Thank you, my friend. And I have no illusions about anyone taking any of my posts too seriously. But I love the idea that, even by accident, I’ve kind of connected with at least one person from so many places. Remember, Roy, you don’t need to get on an airplane to do that! 😏 (I’m not going to fall for the tease for a compliment in your last sentence. You know I think highly of your posts … and your books!) 😊


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