Gratitude Sunday: including President Biden’s obvious concern for the welfare of Canadians

A few fellow bloggers I follow often have a Gratitude Sunday post; I thought maybe I’d give it a try considering all that I have to be grateful for this week.  Aside from the over-the-top joy of seeing both families of kids and grandkids making the now-open-border trek from Ontario to New Brunswick and other parts of the Maritimes, our provincial government has decided that we are safe enough to remove all restrictions, with due caution of course.  And in part we have President Biden to thank for doing his part in keeping us safe.

We’re Going Green.  This was the headline in our local paper the other day.  Of course, this headline could mean one of at least three things, all of which make my heart sing.


It could mean that our province is going to become majority Green Party supporters.  That would be quite the announcement.  We’re not quite there yet, although we’ve been making headway every election.

It could mean that our province is going to embrace strict climate change legislation, including fossil fuel restrictions and increased recycling directives, especially with respect to the prolific use of disposable plastics.  Wouldn’t that be something to be grateful for?!  But that’s not what it means either.

What Going Green means in this instance is that our chief health officer and our premier, both of whom have worked incredibly hard to keep strict measures in place and keep us safe throughout the pandemic, have decided that, with 81.5% of eligible New Brunswickers (12+) having at least one dose and 64.3% of eligible NBers having had two doses of the vaccine, and with virtually no new cases for the past few weeks and only 6 active cases in the province, we can open up. Starting Saturday, mask restrictions will be up to individual establishments and institutions.  Starting Saturday, social distancing won’t be a mandated requirement, nor will restrictions on crowd sizes.  Our Playhouse and theatres can go from 35% occupancy, with tons of space between everyone, to sitting next to, well, everyone. Possibly or probably without masks. Yikes!

This will require quite a bit of mental adjustment on the part of many of us, while undoubtedly requiring none whatsoever on the part of others.  The good news is that we live in a part of the world where wearing masks has been accepted without incident, and I fully expect that many of us will happily continue to wear them for some time; after all, it’s our right to wear them if we want to!  This wholesale change will be intriguing to watch unfold.

Unbeknownst to most of us, it appears that President Biden has been paying attention to our situation in Canada vis a vis the U.S.  So when he realized this past week that, although Canada would be opening their border to fully vaccinated Americans on Aug 9, the average daily new cases in the U.S. was 124.5/million people whereas the average daily new cases in Canada was only 10.3/million people, he realized that if he opened his border in parallel he could be potentially exposing all kinds of Canadians to the virus raging in his country.  What if Canadian visitors – shoppers and tourists – brought the delta variant back to Canada?  He wouldn’t be able to live with himself.  And for that thoughtfulness, we Canadians thank him.


Well, perhaps not the American tourist destinations near the border, dying for Canadian tourists to return.  And maybe not all the American shopkeepers near the border, who similarly long for Canadians to return, even with our reduced dollars.  And certainly not family members who continue to be separated by the border.  But, hey, starting August 9 Americans can reunite with their family members on the Canadian side of the border.  Just make sure you’re doubly vaccinated.  And while you’re here, please feel free to stop by our shops, hotels, and restaurants.  All courtesy of American COVID policy.  Protecting Canadians.  And for that I am grateful! 😉


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24 Responses to Gratitude Sunday: including President Biden’s obvious concern for the welfare of Canadians

  1. I’m so jealous about your province’s vaccination numbers! – Marty

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Poor Florida’s not doing so well, is it. These COVID Times remain uncertain and scary everywhere. Today was our first day of no govt regulations, but nearly everyone at the grocery store and in the gym were wearing masks, including all employees. And that’s with 30 active cases in our entire province (780,000 pop’ln) and high vaccination rates. The new variants aren’t far away and we know it. Stay safe!

  2. BernieLynne says:

    I used your post as inspiration for my Sundaystills and wove gratitude into blog theme.

  3. I wish we had a decent premier here in AB, unfortunately the UCP government here is more interested in dollars than in protecting the health of its people, as evidenced by their complete unfairness as far as the medical profession is concerned. As far as going green, it was only public outcry that put the brakes on the wide open mining of coal!!!! I could go on and on. Needless to say I am not a supporter of this present government, nor do I see that changing, ever!

  4. Inkplume says:

    You had me going for a moment! Glad that New Brunswick is opening up. Quebec is green too, though I think the measures in “green” vary from one province to another. We can have indoor gatherings of a maximum of 10 people and 20 people outdoors. Cinemas and stadiums are open with maximums but, frankly, I’m not ready to venture to those places yet. Being able to see friends and family in our respective homes is enough for me right now!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a satirist! I’m with you with respect to going green. Slowly, very slowly best describes my comfort level. And when flu season rolls around I think many of us will be making good use if our masks regardless of the state of COVID now that we know how helpful they can be.

  5. That sheep cartoon is hilarious. But so true to so many peoples ideas

  6. annemariewatson says:

    I’m sure the good people of Canada are as glad as we are that #45 is out of office.

  7. heimdalco says:

    I’m SO very happy for you … our Canadian sisters & brothers for getting your COVID numbers under control, for working together as a country to encourage vaccinations & masks, & I am so proud that President Biden … his kindness & caring … have helped you in your fight against COVID. I so wish our Americans would listen, get vaccinated & appreciate the kindness & concern our president has for all of us. I understand your comment about having developed an attachment to masks. My husband & I had lunch today at the restaurant our son & his wife own … our first time in a restaurant since February 2020. It felt wonderful & scary & weird not to be wearing a mask. (I had one in my purse). Love the cartoon & all its truthfulness

    • Jane Fritz says:

      To be honest, I doubt that President Biden made the decision not to reciprocate in opening the border with Canada on Aug 6 out of concern for our well-being. My guess is that it was a political decision tied to the current border closings with Mexico and Canada, which both end on Aug 21. But I completely agree with you that President Biden cares about the health and well-being of all Americans, which is why he is spending so much effort trying to convince everyone to get vaccinated. It is really our only safe way forward at the moment … and masks help, too. Sigh. What a complicated world we live in.

  8. Your high vaccination rate and low corresponding Covid-19 rate tell the story. Meanwhile, the Delta variant has reared its ugly head and is raging through different parts of the country, especially in the states with low vaccination rates. But even Maine, with its relatively high vaccination rate, has seen an increase of Covid-19. Sigh.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Wow, Laurie, I hadn’t even noticed that it’s climbed a bit in Maine. Not the 14,000 new daily cases Florida’s been getting, for sure, but given Maine’s excellent vaccination record that is discouraging. I wrote that as satire, of course, and to be honest I’m fine with that border remaining closed in one or both directions until there’s more clarity. But this particular decision is truly bizarre, given that they’ve elected to keep out vaccinated Canadians in “the interest of U.S. public health”. Go figure. Stay safe, Mainers and NBers!

  9. It’s great that things are opening up for News Brunswick, as they are here in BC. I see the validity in both sides of the argument for opening and closing the border. Aside from getting ill and job losses, the most challenging part of COVID has been navigating through varying opinions and stances. People haven’t been on the same page since it began and that’s not likely to change. From what I’ve read, the situation’s been similar in previous pandemics, too.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      I agree, and I wrote that totally tongue-in-cheek. The U.S. certainly did not keep the border closed because they were concerned about our health or about Canadians bringing the virus into the U.S. I can only imagine that for some extraordinarily strange reason, they think it would be bad form to open the Canadian border and not the Mexican border, although how or why those two borders should be linked is beyond me. Perhaps they get confused because we both speak Romance languages?! Sorry, tongue-in-cheek again. I’m afraid I have a hard time getting past the irony of their decision, even though I have no need or desire to cross the border anyway.

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