Map Monday: a cross-section of intriguing maps

This week’s Map Monday doesn’t have a specific theme.  A number of these maps come from suggestions by generous readers, some of which pointed me to related intriguing maps.  Many thanks to Adam, Sharon, and Jeff.  I’ll get back to themes in my next Map Monday, I promise. [Remember, you can click on any map to zoom in on more detail.]

A map of the traditional regional carpet patterns in Iran (hence Persian carpets).


A map showing the most iconic artwork of each country in Europe.  Can you recognize some of them?  All of them?!


A map showing the favourite book from each country.

MM-Favorite books

Where can you find all the cheeses of Europe? This map would make a good travel guide for some people!


How big is Japan?  This comparison map might surprise you.


The longest possible route for world train travel stretches from Portugal to Vietnam, a distance of 17,000Km by train(s).


Passenger train networks around the world.


And just to remind you of the effectiveness of cartograms, here’s one that is all too effective: World prison populations and incarceration rates.


My personal advice: enjoy the beautiful spring weather (in the northern hemisphere, at least), continue to stay safe no matter what the official masking advice might be near you, and stay away from prisons!

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24 Responses to Map Monday: a cross-section of intriguing maps

  1. I love the creativity that went into these maps!

  2. heimdalco says:

    Fascinating maps. I so enjoyed this post

  3. This is very, very cool!

  4. Cool maps this time, Jane. You made me laugh with staying away from prisons — good advice! That comparison map is very cool. – Marty

  5. That cheese map looks interesting…though I have only knowledge about Cheddar cheese.

  6. AP2 says:

    I need that cheese map 😋

  7. LA says:

    The book and the artwork!!love!!

  8. Fascinating! That last one is a sad commentary on our country. We imprison more people than Russia does? And “To Kill a Mockingbird” is our favorite book? Really?

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