True Happiness is Internal

I have shared the wisdom of 16-year old Saania Sparkle, philosopher and blogger, on previous occasions. This recent post of hers highlights an incredibly important ingredient of self-care. Most of us take a lifetime to figure this out, but fortunately we have young sage Saania to remind us of the importance of doing things that are important to us rather than spending so much time trying to please others.

As she describes it within:
“Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes. The weight of other people’s thoughts and opinions can easily become a burden for us, but once we learn to let go, it feels like taking a nice deep breath for the first time. We see the world as different. We feel happiness from within ourselves.”

I encourage you to read her full post, which is short and to the point. Thank you, Saania.

The other day when I was texting a friend, I noticed how impatient and grumpy I felt when she didn’t reply and get back to me. There were similar instances with other people wherein I felt irked the same way. However, it made me wonder why my happiness is dependent on external factors. And, ultimately, just how wrong this is!

We haven’t actually ever been taught to look inside of ourselves. Our worlds are not exactly set up to help us discover our personal boundaries in pursuit of growth, and we are therefore encouraged to cling onto external events in the hopes that we will be happy after, and with the hopes that they will calm our troubled hearts and minds. But quite fortunately enough, true happiness can be found within us.

Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes. The weight…

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20 Responses to True Happiness is Internal

  1. debscarey says:

    Gosh. Positively blown away by her wisdom, and that she has it at such a young age – amazing. Thanks so much for sharing & for providing the link to the full site so I can add myself to her followers.

  2. Thanks for sharing her blog, Jane. Good lord, so wise at such a young age. – Marty

  3. I’ve been following Saania’s blog for a few months, and am always impressed with her observations.

  4. barryh says:

    Wow, Jane. That is amazing stuff from a 16-year-old. Thanks for sharing. Maybe this is the generation we’ve been waiting for!
    Any idea how to follow her blog?

    • Jane Fritz says:

      I’m glad you feel the same way, Barry. I agree about this young generation being our hope. Our generation sure hasn’t done a good job. You should be able to follow her blog by clicking on the “Follow” link at the bottom right of your mobile screen or on the right hand side of your computer screen when on her blog site. If for some reason that’s not there, her blog menu has a Contact link so you could email a request to be signed up.

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. She does share some incredible wisdom. Thanks for the share. 🙂

  7. AMWatson207 says:

    I’ve read her full post and am now following it. Thank you. Your voice and generosity are invaluable to my own journey.

  8. heimdalco says:

    Such wisdom from someone just 16-years-old! We should use her wisdom as an example, regardless of how many years we have on her. She has gifted insight. I enjoyed encountering her wisdom.

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