Map Monday: a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Let’s start this week’s Map Monday with a map that those of us who have shared our lives with cats will relate to.

When I went looking for dog maps, just to be an equal opportunity pet reporter, I was surprised by the findings shown on this map below. Given that our entire town seems to be out walking at least one if not two dogs most of the time, I would not have guessed that cats outnumber dogs in Canada. But, of course, cats stay home and do their own thing, so we don’t see them as often!

Now for a few additional wide-ranging but no less significant maps. 😉

Map of the United States overlaid on the moon. Does a good job of putting the moon’s size in perspective. Image source:

First job of each country’s current leader (as of Jan 20, 2021). Image source:

Number of researchers per million of population in each country. Image source:

The most common causes of death around the world (pre-COVID!). Image source:

Every pub in the UK, all so anxious to be full of people again. Image source:


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22 Responses to Map Monday: a little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. Jean says:

    Cat’s bed map is my fave!

  2. bernieLynne says:

    It was the tuberculosis numbers that astonished me. A disease than can be prevented with a vaccine but obviously the collective world doesn’t care enough to send that vaccine to third world nations. I’ve seen the odd case of it here over the years but not many.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      You’re so right, Bernie. That reality is a true sign of a 3rd world country that needs our help. Deaths from TB shouldn’t be happening. I believe this happens in remote communities in our north as well. Says a lot. 😥

  3. Linda Sprague says:

    This is so interesting. I especially was interested in the causes of death worldwide. I belong to Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers, a Stephen Lewis Foundation charity which raised money for Grandmothers who are left to raise children becuae the parents have died with age. Often people are surprised to hear that AIDS is still such a problem in Africa. This map confirms it.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Good for you, Linda. Yes, the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Africa just won’t relinquish its grip. Truly devastating to their socio-economic well-being as well as health and mortality because, as you say, it affects the parent-breadwinner generation. Very sad.

  4. The HIV deaths in Africa remains heartbreaking. I had no idea it was still at such alarming rates there. On the other hand, love the cat map — the “launch pad” was particularly amusing. 🙂 – Marty

    • Jane Fritz says:

      We need some cat humor to sooth the heartbreak, right, Marty? Yes, the continuing devastation wrought by AIDS in much of Africa is very hard to come to grips with. And just today the news announced that there’s a new Ebola outbreak. Heartbreaking indeed.

  5. debscarey says:

    How interesting that swathes of mainland Europe have a higher rate of death from cancer than heart disease. My initial thought was to wonder if this was supporting the benefits of the mediterranean diet, until I zoomed in to see what types of cancer that is. It was fuzzy, but I believe it read Bowel & Lung. Putting aside Lung cancer for the moment, If this correct, the beliefs around the efficacy of the mediterranean diet may need to be challenged. Fascinating stuff Jane.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Bless you for working so hard to read it, Debra. I tried to find a clearer version and then tried to make it clearer with Photoshop; that’s as good as I could get it. I think that’s what it says, too! Mind you, that map doesn’t include how long people in each country live, on average, or how good their quality of life was prior to death. So many parameters. I’m pretty sure a diet of fast food wouldn’t be better than the Mediterranean diet! 😏😂

  6. Interesting and fun, Jane. As someone who’s spent most of her life with cats, I can definitely relate to the bed map 🙂

  7. heimdalco says:

    I enjoyed the statistics … so many I was unaware of. So this was a learning read for me. Being a cat person (my mom said my first word was “CAT”) I REALLY appreciated the cat map – the humor & the truth of it. What a wonderful laugh when I saw the HEAVING SPOT. If you are a cat person, there’s now way you could have escaped that unmistakable heaving sound as a hairball is deposited on the bed in the dark of night.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, too. Yes, I am for sure a lifelong cat person, and just couldn’t resist including the cat map. As you say, if you’re a cat person you know just how accurate it is! Lovingly accurate, of course!!

  8. Inkplume says:

    So many interesting facts in this post!

  9. LA says:

    Pubs in uk or dogs and cats….great choices!

  10. AMWatson207 says:

    As it’s President’s Day in the USA (a tough day to contemplate given the bipartisan times), it was interesting to look at leaders by first employment. And, of course, cats rule all.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Since I grew up celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday and moved to Canada before they got switched to President’s Day, I never stopped to think about the ramifications of the changed name until just now. A far more complicated sentiment! Here it’s Family Day in many provinces, which is a lovely excuse for a mid-winter breather. Maybe I should look for some maps that show public holidays! And, for sure, cats rule!!

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