Map Monday: taking a look at social progress around the world

This week I’m pleased to introduce you to a fascinating website that I was pointed to by a good friend and fellow map lover. Thanks, Bob (aka Robert). A non-profit organization called the Social Progress Imperative provides its annual report card – on almost every country not at full-scale war – in a user-friendly website that uses an interactive world map as the index to its findings. What better choice for a Map Monday.

I’m going to lead you through how it works by using a few examples, and then let you loose to explore the site at will.  It’s got scads of information just waiting to be unpacked. Of course, as with all maps and statistics, the underlying reasons behind individual scores can vary enormously. For example, a country’s scores may be higher or lower because of  government competence or lack thereof, harmony or disunity within the country, or a matter more of luck (good or bad weather events, neighbouring factions, a slow but steady climb out of poverty and disease, etc).  The numbers themselves don’t tell you the reasons behind the scores; that requires more digging!

And now to introduce the 2020 Social Progress Index.

Main page of the 2020 Social Progress Index. Click on any country to get specific information for that country.

Let’s try clicking on a few and see what happens.

Hover over Iraq, for example, and then click, and …

Let’s try a few more.

Now that you’ve got the hang of finding the summary information for each country, let’s see how you can dig a little deeper.  You’ll notice that there’s a “See scorecard” button on each summary (actually, there are two, one at the top and one at the bottom, so you can’t miss).  The scorecard explains how each part score is calculated and also lists the group of similarly categorized countries the country in question has been compared against. There’s quite a bit of detail. Let’s use the United States as our example, since that’s the last country we brought up. You can click on any of these images to zoom in on detail that’s hard to read.

The Social Progress Imperative has put a lot of valuable work into this report.  Bravo. I hope you enjoy perusing it. Check out lots and lots of countries.  Go ahead and do a deep dive. There is progress being made, but we have to stay vigilant … in all our countries.


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9 Responses to Map Monday: taking a look at social progress around the world

  1. Fascinating as usual, Jane. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Inkplume says:

    I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

  3. A lot to learn is right! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Very interesting as always. A lot to learn if I have the willingness to work through the world

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