Thoughtful Thursday: reflecting on what’s really important

My, oh, my, but it is easy to get worn down by the divisiveness and vitriol that has spread across the landscape, especially on the news and social media. That, combined with the continued COVID disruption to normal social activity, has made for a worrisome mix. Let’s try to divorce ourselves from that toxic brew for a bit and think about what’s really important to each of us in order to lead the kind of life we want in the long term. Free from vitriol, and of course free from COVID. Hopefully giving and receiving kindness.  Hopefully feeling good about ourselves … and our societies.

Some quotes to help you reflect. (Thanks to Marilyn for sharing some of these quotes.)

And if you’ve forgotten how to enjoy the moment, perhaps this woman has some advice for you!

This next one is easier said than done for some people, but worth working on.

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And when you’re not sure what path to take, these final words may help lead you to a way forward.

So, is there one of these quotes that especially resonates with you?  One or more that already guide your approach to life? One or more that you could embrace?!

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24 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday: reflecting on what’s really important

  1. bernieLynne says:

    When you love what you have would be my fav and a great way to live. Focus on the positives and try to live a life of paying that forward. They are all great quotes though.

  2. Love these simple yet timeless quotes…thank you 😊

  3. Such good lessons for life. Thank you, Jane, for the reminders.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      You’re right, Cynthia, we do keep needing the reminders. Btw, I’m so glad you plugged Laurie’s new book. Stay safe. (I hope sometime that rejoinder will no longer be necessary!)

  4. Thanks for sharing those and I really believe in the Peanuts quote! Where is the reblog button gone?

  5. Lovely quotes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. iidorun says:

    Thank you for these gentle reminders today! We do need to find some times away from the divisiveness and doom and gloom of election worries and pandemic anxieties. These were perfect! The one with the older woman enjoying the moment, really makes me think about how we can “enjoy” this moment, or find the joy in the moments we have. I feel I have to do some searching….

  7. Roy McCarthy says:

    Do people read and remember inspirational messages? I don’t. Certainly everyone ought to look beyond their own small worlds and consider if there are ways to be happier, to make others feel happier. But OK, the Tibetan one is good 🙂

  8. Yes, excellent messages. But the way is not easy, is it?

  9. LA says:

    All wonderful!!💗

  10. The Tibetan Proverb resonates.

  11. Fran Kolesnikowicz says:

    Excellent messages! Thank you.

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