Thoughtful Thursday: spreading kindness

Kindness seems to be in short supply these days in many parts of the world. We need all we can get, now more than ever in such stressful, uncertain times. Hopefully these kindness quotes will resonate with you. Pick one or two of your favourites and help spread their spirit through your actions; the recipients will be forever grateful.

We may never know whose day (or life) we have changed by extending the hand of kindness, but rest assured it makes a positive difference. And we feel so much better ourselves when we treat others with kindness rather than responding with anger, rudeness, or indifference.

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20 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday: spreading kindness

  1. Jill davies says:

    A recent read, Mary Trump’s book about her thoroughly awful family, would indicate kindness missed them…..I couldn’t finish it…

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    Spread the kindness.

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  3. A humble yet powerful virtue.

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  4. I also like, “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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  5. Beautiful quotes, and uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. AnuRijo says:

    Lovely and aptly used quotes..yes kindnesses matters 💙

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  7. Roy McCarthy says:

    Who could argue, and many people are naturally kind I think. It’s the self-centred that need a bit of work.

    This morning I met an old lady. Semi-retired at the age of 60 she took on the job of looking after a hostel for troubled teenagers, those who had never known love or a kind word. She worked there for 20 years and was (it would appear) universally loved by each of those wayward children. As a child she had known what parents’ love was and what it was like to have it snatched away.

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