Thoughtful Thursday: Choosing hope

A rephrasing of a quote by Desmond Tutu

We can always learn from the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr.

… and the wisdom of Leonard Cohen


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9 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday: Choosing hope

  1. Bright quotations for a dark time.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      We need bright quotations, hope, and more. These times are far too dark for my liking!

      • Is it too much too hope that since we humans created these problems, we can also solve them?

        • Jane Fritz says:

          Well, that takes leaders with the wisdom to listen to experts, to work collaboratively with others, to bring people together to sacrifice for the common good, and to be motivated by making the world/country a better place as opposed to being motivated by money, power, and ego. There are common reasons why empires fail, and corruption and environmental failure/collapse are near the top of the list. Hmm. So we certainly CAN, but …

  2. And I have Hope in my surname!

  3. Jill davies says:

    Thanks Jane. Having just read most of Mary Trump’s book, I needed this. What an awful family whose values are being imposed on America and the world by Donald. We need hope that the November election will precipitate change.

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