Map Monday: a potpourri of world maps

This week, something for everyone, I hope.

Sharks versus humans.  Humans are terrified of sharks, but clearly it should be the other way around. These are typical killings of sharks by humans and humans by sharks in a given year.

Female leaders around the world.

There aren’t too many at any one time – so far – but there’s no doubt that female leaders have led the way in handling the COVID pandemic in their various countries. Maybe it’s time for the balance of female leaders to change!

Countries that have best managed the COVID crisis include: New Zealand, Taiwan, Germany, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. All those leaders are women.

Countries struggling the most to contain the virus include: the U.S., Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, and Mexico.  All those leaders are men, sadly some of them in inexplicable denial of the gravity of the crisis.

McDonald’s around the world.

Only a few countries have bucked the trend, and they are an odd assortment of countries, including Iceland, Mongolia, Iran, Madagascar, Algeria, Myanmar and Yemen.

Global Prevalence of Obesity.

I guess there can’t be a correlation between the presence of McDonald’s and obesity, since nearly every country has McDonald’s!

This map came with the title “How fat is your country?”.  It shows the percentage of each country’s populations that’s defined as obese, i.e. a Body Mass Index of over 30. It seems that too many of us are getting heavier. 😦

Coffee Consumption around the world.

Interesting assortment of coffee lovers.


Maternal/Parental Leave.

There aren’t many countries in the world that don’t provide a guarantee of some paid leave for new mothers and/or fathers. It’s a very  important societal support.


Income Inequality around the world.

As I said in my recent post on inequality and the pandemic, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Let’s aim for having the whole map become green.

You can click on the map – or indeed any of the maps – to zoom in on the detail.

Lightning strikes.

There are a few parts of the world that have frighteningly frequent occurrences of lightning.  An area on the border of Zaire and Tanzania in eastern Africa seems to average around 200 lightning strikes per square kilometer per year!

Water security.

The risk of running out of water for human and agricultural uses is only too real in many parts of the world, both rich and poor. The effects of climate change will only make this worse, much worse.


Image credits:,,,,, Brilliant Maps

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8 Responses to Map Monday: a potpourri of world maps

  1. Love a random facts posting! Sadly I already knew human killing of sharks ran into the tens of millions 😦 ………. god knows how the species isn’t extinct? ……………. Oh and I enjoy a tasty Big Mac! 😀

  2. What an intriguing lot of information Jane- and how many areas the U.S. is weak in!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Yes, I’m afraid the US is an outlier in nearly every category that’s measured, and now they can add their ability to cope with a pandemic to the list. It’s very sad, since it certainly doesn’t need to be that way.

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