Wordless Wednesday – what are we doing to our planet? | Feb 5/20

Image credit for fishbowl: Steffen Kraft aka ICONEO

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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – what are we doing to our planet? | Feb 5/20

  1. iidorun says:

    Powerful photo. It makes me wonder if it’s a child’s hand over the fishbowl. What are we teaching our children about how the world is supposed to be with all destruction we have caused (actively and passively by our inaction)?

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Oh, Irma, what a chilling thought! We can’t know what the artist had in mind, but, as you say, that possibility would raise the message to a new, even darker, level. (No wonder you have such intriguing depths and twists in the poems you write!)

  2. Paulie says:

    And so last night the President of the United States (I have to choke back a gag reflex when I think of Donald J. Trump as POTUS) never once mentioned the words “climate change” or “environment” or “global warming.” He made quick mention of carbon emissions but his words are negated by his actions as regards deregulation.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      It’s staggering, isn’t it. The world’s largest economy and arguably the most innovative since WWII, and yet Trump’s political followers are willing to roll back every environmental protection, thumb the entire world on climate change action, and support dying fossil fuel-based industries, all for money and votes. For shame.

      • Paulie says:

        I was watching the Super Bowl with some friends and one of them, a gay African American woman, lamented about how she’s been watching a half century of progress on so many fronts get dismantled in less than four years. She wonders if we can ever get back to where we were in 2015.

        • Jane Fritz says:

          I’m afraid to even think about it. The world needs an America that is compassionate within and engaged once again with the rest of the world as we try to solve the world’s problems together.

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  4. Words fail me with the destructive nature of the people on this Earth. We do not think before we act. Even if we dispose of our litter as instructed by the govt. They are the ones who dump it at sea.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      That’s a very important observation, Puzzle. We carefully put our refuse out for garbage collection and recycling, but don’t know what happens to it after that. In our community I’m confident of the garbage disposal, but increasingly concerned about the plastic for recycling.

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