New Year’s reflections and resolutions, 2020 version

I seem to be getting quite a few hits on last year’s New Year’s reflections during these days leading up to the New Year, so I thought I’d better offer a more up-to-date version. How did I do with these resolutions people are reading about! Well, not surprisingly, it’s a mixed bag.

I should start by saying that I am well aware that most people don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I always have done so and undoubtedly always will, but there is no doubt that my approach to them has changed through the years. That may be because as I age I am happy to report that I no longer put the same expectations on myself that I used to. I’m not trying to be perfect or trying to measure up to other’s people’s expectations; I’m making my own expectations of myself. Granted, this is a lot easier to do when you’re retired and no-one expects as much of you either! But perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the positive things that people learn as they age: set your own expectations and only worry about letting yourself down (or family and close friends, of course). So my resolutions are very much those of someone who can, at this stage of life, decide what she is going to do when she gets up every day, or what she is not going to do. It’s a pretty good trade-off for wrinkly skin and sore joints. Pretty good indeed. But I would like to make he most of it.

With that in mind, how did I do with the goals I set for myself last year? Let’s see.

  1. Running. Hmm. I set target races for myself, and I registered for all of them and even a few more. I ran in two of them before my hip gave out after the Terry Fox Run in mid-September. I thought it was yet another running injury that would heal if I did the usual light, appropriate rehab exercises and rested it. Nope. Turns out that my body just has plain old aging issues. So running is now relegated to my store of very special memories, yet another reminder to do what you want to do and go where you want to go while you can do so. Don’t live with regrets. But I definitely tried; I ran two races, was sick for another, and trained regularly when I could. I’m giving myself a B-.

    My last Terry Fox Run, as it turns out

  2. Writing. For shame. I got nowhere with this potential project. Clearly, the passion for the idea I had just wasn’t strong enough for it to rise to the top. I’m giving myself an F.
  3. Blogging. I set a goal of blogging an average of 1 blog post a week and ended up with closer to 1.5 posts per week. As many of you will relate to, writing a post really does bring me joy. It makes me think about things, it provides an avenue for me to write and communicate those thoughts, and it allows me to be part of a pretty special world of bloggers. You’re all over the world, and I love being able to get to know some of you through the Internet and to be part of this community. I’m giving myself an A.
  4. Quilting. I set myself a goal to get back to quilting this past year, and although I had a slow start I ended on a high. I am now pumped and filled with new ideas for quilting projects. I’m giving myself an A.

    Quilt on the frame, ready for quilting (and TV watching)

  5. Spending quality time with family and friends. As I described in last year’s reflections, this item is probably the most important by far. It’s not just a nice idea to maintain friendships and connections, it is a proven fact that it is good for your health and wellbeing. I’m lucky to have many family members and friends who are important to me, and I can only hope that I haven’t let them down in trying to reach out and stay connected. I’m giving myself an A- (because I do like to spend quite a lot of time by myself and with just my husband!).

What major goals will I set for myself for 2020?

  1. Writing. I have some new ideas that have just started percolating, and I like them. I will write at least 2 children’s stories this year, but hopefully 5. Pressure, pressure, pressure!
  2. Blogging. I will blog at least 1 blog post a week. If I were keen on increasing my readership just for the sake of it I would make that a resolution and either work at it or end up giving myself an F a year from now. But I don’t really focus on numbers. I just like thinking through my thoughts using the process of writing. And I like the people I meet along the way who have picked up on what I post or whose writing interests, intrigues or inspires me, and makes me want to get to know them better.
  3. Quilting. I am really excited about some new quilting projects I’ve thought of during this holiday season. In fact, I can’t wait to get started. I will complete at least 3 quilt projects this year. And you can be guaranteed that I will blog about them!
  4. Staying connected to my family and friends. As I said above, there is nothing more important. Many of our friends in our wonderful town have their families living elsewhere, including us. Our friends are our local families. As we age – and make no mistake, that is the reality – we need to be there for each other. We’ve raised our families together, we’ve shared in our career paths together, some of us have holidayed together, we’ve shared parties, sports, bridge, and singing together, and now it’s time to make sure we’re taking care of each other when need be. I will continue to nurture those friendships and make sure I reach out with a helping hand always.

As I said in last year’s reflections, for me, publicly posting my intentions for the year is a remarkably strong motivator. Thank you for indulging me, everyone. Whether or not you have a list of resolutions for 2020, I wish you all a contented, peaceful, and rewarding 2020. [I shouldn’t add this, but your contentment would undoubtedly be helped by keeping your reading of the news to a minimum!]

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8 Responses to New Year’s reflections and resolutions, 2020 version

  1. iidorun says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jane!! Your resolutions sound very doable and positive. Mine usually are to “stop” doing things but I’m framing them in the positive this year as you did here. I hope you have a wonderful 2020! I’ve very much enjoyed reading your posts this year!!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Thanks, Irma. Boy, you’ve been doing a lot of blog reading on New Year’s Day. 😊 Taking the time to be creative and thoughtful with your poetry is pretty darn positive, in my opinion! I hope that’s one of your continuing resolutions for 2020. I love reading them and also the explanations of the thoughts behind your poems. Happy New Year, Irma!

      • iidorun says:

        Thanks so much, Jane! I’m glad my work resonates with you. And that is one of my resolutions this year! Hope you’re having a wonderful start to 2020!

  2. I personally don’t do resolutions because I seldom manage to keep them. Each year, I simply plan to make the next year better than the last one. Since 2019 was a good year for me, I’m looking forward to 2020. Happy New Year, Jane!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Not everyone can say that 2019 was a good year, so embrace that thought for sure. I look forward to you being able to say the same or better at the end of 2020. Happy New Year, CM!

  3. LA says:

    💗you did good…

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