24 Acts on Climate Change: What I Can Change

The blog lifenvi.science.blog,  aka Live Life in a Livable Environment, regularly posts informative articles on climate change issues and how we can help address our planet’s crisis. Yesterday’s post, which I’m reblogging here for your consideration, presents 24 – that’s right, 24 – actions we should all be aware of that we could do ourselves. #12 is particularly interesting: Shrinking your digital footprint. Live streaming, you may be surprised to learn, uses an inordinate amount of energy. Check out the list of 24 actions and see which ones you already do. Which new ones might you give a try?

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The average human releases around 5 tonnes of CO2 per year. Is it different in each country? Yes, even just between two people. Developing countries like Pakistan and the Philippines have around 1 tonne per person each. Compared with developed nations that have higher national averages like the US (16.5 tonnes) and South Korea (11.5 tonnes). It’s about where we are, who we are, and what we do.

By considering our daily decisions within our reach. Climate change issues won’t be solved effectively by your eating, buying or driving habits alone. Or even by a country alone. It needs a system-wide changes.

As the IPCC report says, “unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” “Everyone is going to have to be involved,” says Debra Robert, co-chair of the IPCC.

Before we go to the “what to do’s” we should know first the “why we do’s”.

Change what and…

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