Making the Human Race Whole

From Barry Hopewell’s blog I Can’t Believe It!, with thanks.

A poem from Steve Taylor‘s November newsletter, with permission.

Make as many connections as you can
so that this broken world can become whole again.

It’s your responsibility
to radiate benevolence to everyone you meet
to be reckless with your friendliness
and surprise strangers with your openness
on behalf of the whole human race.

It’s your responsibility
to turn suspicion to trust, hostility to sympathy
to expose the absurdity of prejudice
to return hatred with implacable good will
until your enemies have no choice but to love you
on behalf of the whole human race.

It’s your responsibility
to free yourself from bitterness
and harness the healing power of forgiveness
to repair connections and re-establish bonds
that were broken by resentment years ago
on behalf of the whole human race.

It’s your responsibility
to make as many connections as you can
to open up channels of empathy
through which compassion can flow
until there are so many connections
across so many different networks
that finally, like the cells of a body,
billions of human beings will fuse together,
sensing their common source
and their common core.

Then a new identity will emerge, an overriding oneness,
a human race that is truly whole, at last.

Featured image of earth from NASA.

via Making the Human Race Whole — I can’t believe it!

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5 Responses to Making the Human Race Whole

  1. Making the human race whole and human… Reaching out is what we need to do, have empathy, practice self love and kindness, one hour at a time, one day at a time.

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  2. calmkate says:

    wow this is magic and majestic in it’s insight into a human weaknesses … an ideal recipe to heal into a whole!
    We are one race just different tribes “an elder”

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  3. iidorun says:

    This was beautiful and perfectly articulated! Great find – thanks for reposting it!

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