Four Young Boys Growing Up in America, Part 1 (from Aging Capriciously)

This story – Part 1 of two parts – was posted a week ago by John Persico in his thought-provoking blog Aging Capriciously. After reading Part 2 today I decided it needed to be shared widely. This is an American story, one that could follow many inspiring and heartwarming paths – or not!  It’s a bit of a long read, but worth it. I’ll post Part 2 tomorrow!

Once upon a time, there were four boys. Their names were Jack, Whitaker, Jamal and Robert. They were born and growing up in the United States of America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Each boy was now entering his twelfth year of life. Each boy lived within ten miles of each other […]

via 3539– Friday, August 23, 2019 — Four Young Boys Growing Up in America, Part 1 — Aging Capriciously

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5 Responses to Four Young Boys Growing Up in America, Part 1 (from Aging Capriciously)

  1. I cheated and read part 2 on his site. Tragic. Do you know if it’s a true story, or just one profiling how he sees America today?

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Too clever, Francine! My understanding is that it is fiction created by John himself, an American, trying to raise awareness of a growing and scary situation in his country. It wasn’t what I had been expecting, and it definitely had an impact.

      • I agree. I’m not a supporter of the right to carry guns, and feel that it doesn’t give any advantage when almost anyone can get one. In particular, I fail to see why regular citizens should have the right to buy these semi-automatic ones where they can load tons of bullets (I don’t know the technical terms and don’t really want to take an interest). I was raised in the UK, where the regular police force don’t carry guns. Two extremes, for sure.

  2. Having recently read Michale Obama’s book, I think I can see where this is going but I look forward to the second installment. She bucked the odds…

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