Runfession, a new word for me

OK, maybe it’s not a real word according to most dictionaries, but I like it. Thanks to Irma at her blog I Do Run (where she posts her poetry and plenty of other thoughts in addition to running) for introducing me to it. The idea is that a runfession is – you guessed it – a confession about how your running is going. I like it.

Like Irma and almost every blogger I follow, most of us started with the idea of writing about a few specific topics and then somehow expanded into different areas. I started blogging initially to have a venue that would force me to practice writing, with the intent at the time of focusing on my new retirement interests of writing for children (my grandchildren) and running. Wow, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

My running has slowed down dramatically, thanks in large measure to the aging process, injuries that take longer to recover from because of the aging process, and some crappy lingering viruses the past two winters. I have to admit that after my brother, husband and I ran our last half marathon, nearly 5 years ago, I did more or less decide that perhaps sticking to 10Ks would be fine from now on. But this past year I’ve had trouble even maintaining training for 10Ks. Sore foot, a fall in a race, chest cold, groin injury, IT band, you name it. Start training, stop training, start training, stop training. I’d even convinced myself that I was just lucky I could run as long as I did and that I should be grateful for those wonderful experiences.

But never say never! As my groin injury slowly repairs itself, I’m gradually working my way back on the trails. Not very far, not very fast. One step at a time. But, like Irma, I have some races lined up to keep me motivated. Not long distances. Not like one of the bloggers I follow, the Dancing Runner, who lives in Texas and runs ultras. Just today she posted that her July total for distance run was 290.6 miles! That’s 290.6 MILES, or 465 kms!! I am gob-smacked. I’ll stick with the hopefully doable goal of running 10Ks, and if that goes well for more than a one-off, who knows, maybe – just maybe – I’ll rethink the half marathon option. There are precious few women in the 70+ category for 10Ks; there must be even fewer for the half marathon!

So, in the hope of encouraging myself to maintain consistency in training, I’ve registered for a few local runs.

Sept 15 is the Terry Fox Run. The annual Terry Fox Run is what got me started running. I’ve run in it almost every year since it started in 1981. It’s a non-competitive fun run/walk/cycle that occurs every year throughout Canada and around the world to raise money for cancer. If you don’t know Terry’s story, you can (and should) read it here; Terry is one of Canada’s biggest heroes: Terry Fox Story.

Terry Fox Run Fredericton 2014, Daily Gleaner photo

Sept 22 is the Fredericton Fall Classic 10K (and other distances, but I’m going in the 10K, with the goal of not tripping and falling this year, but remembering to pause my Garmin this time if I do!).

Oct 5 is the Const Robb Costello Fun Run to raise money for our community police support needs. Const. Costello was one of two police officers gunned down in Fredericton last year, an event that continues to haunt everyone in our quiet town.

Oct 27 is the Stewart McKelvey Run for the Homeless Shelter.

Jan 1, 2020 is the 5K Resolution Run. It’s difficult to believe in the midst of a spell of extremely hot weather for this part of the world (humidex of 40C/104F earlier this week) that on Jan 1 it’s likely to be -20C/-4F, with snow everywhere and icy patches on the roads. But the Resolution Run is a really fun way to start the year, and we know how to dress for it! I had to miss it the past two years because of chest viruses; this year I’m going to pop a zinc lozenge at the first hint of a scratchy throat. I’m registered.

So, to conclude my first ever runfession, I have set some targets to ensure that running remains part of my life for the foreseeable future. The sense of freedom that comes from being able to run along our beautiful trails, along our beautiful river, is just not something I want to give up until I absolutely have to. Bring it on!

Fredericton Trail system, Tourism NB photo

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9 Responses to Runfession, a new word for me

  1. Roy McCarthy says:

    Yay, good for you Jane. I had a good winter, knocking out good 10k times and beating one or two other runners for the first time. I’ve struggled badly since but I think I’m finding a little form again. I’m afraid that I’ll only race if I think I can do myself justice – I am competitive at least in that respect.

    However I always count myself fortunate to be able to run at all at my age, knowing that the day will come when I can’t. I love the inspirational line ‘The day will come when I can’t run. Today is not that day.’

    • Jane Fritz says:

      It definitely helps to be a contented aging runner if you’re not competitive. That would be me! I just want to remain injury-free, but of course that’s another big if. I like your quote. Today is not (yet) the day.

  2. Jean says:

    I hope you enjoy your runs this year, Jane. Rootin’ for ya.:)

  3. Inkplume says:

    Wow, you have my respect and admiration! I have always been active (zumba, fitness classes, walking, etc.) but running was one thing I never got the hang of. Here’s my Runfession: One summer I did a Couch to 5K training program just to prove to myself I could do it. Well, I did but I didn’t enjoy a single moment of it. So, I checked it off my bucket list and never did it again!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. I love it! My philosophy is that everyone should find what THEY really enjoy that helps keep them active and then make sure they do it. The reason I like to run (recreationally, at my own pace) is because I’m not very athletic, and with running you don’t have to compete with anyone but yourself and you don’t let anyone else down by not being as good as they are at something. I can just put on my sneakers and go out the door with my playlist. But I definitely get why it’s not for everyone. Definitely. Excellent runfession!

  4. iidorun says:

    You are absolved!! Great Runfession, Jane! When you said you had a few races lined up I was thinking like 2-3 but 5!!! When you “come back” from running, it’s with fireworks and a band!! 😁😁🎉🎉🎇🎆 I totally agree with you about focusing on enjoying the run and not on speed or distance when you’re coming back from a hiatus. Can’t wait to hear how these races go. Thanks for the ping back!

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