When Anger Leads to Art

For those of you who, like me, are heartsick at the racism, inequality, hatred, greed, and hypocrisy prevalent in the world, I highly recommend this blog post by Cynthia Reyes, telling about a woman who channeled her anger into art (in her case painting) and found her voice and some peace of mind. She not only found release from her anger, she also found she had talent. My art work won’t do the trick. Maybe I’ll try activist art through quilting.

Cynthia Reyes

Imagine: you’re an attorney in New York, dealing with brutal cases and people — some of whom are your colleagues.

One day, out of the blue, you discover a love for painting. At first, it’s only stress-relief.  Then onlookers start reacting. It seems you may have some talent.

Blog Photo - JJ Trees and city


A wife and mother of two young children, JJ did her best to ‘leave the work at work’. But two years ago, she felt her frustration growing.

“Being a Black woman in the legal profession in New York City can be brutal. I have been bullied countless times by my White adversaries.”

Worse, she came to realize: “There is nothing fair about the justice system in America”. That was a heart-breaker; JJ had attended law school because she thought she could make “real change”.

Then she started to read news stories about another woman of colour being bullied — very publicly…

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