You Know You’re Canadian When…

Another fun post from Liette, a New Brunswick native currently living in Las Vegas. She’s listed her top 20 things that make us Canadians, well, Canadian, in honour of approaching Canada Day (July 1). Fellow Canadians, do you have items you’d add to the list?

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You Know You’re Canadian When…

I am so excited that I get to spend Canada Day in Canada this July 1st!!

Living in the US for the past three years, I have noticed a few things that make Canadians…well  Canadian, eh! Here are my top 20 Canadian things that make us awesome!!

Canada Day.PNGYou know you’re Canadian when…

  •  Sorry, but we do say sorry a lot…actually, not sorry…sorry! Lol
  • A tuque is way, way cooler than a beanie!! Sorry.
  • We know what a chesterfield is…look it up.
  • We know what a keener is.
  • We can say Regina without giggling
  • We don’t get why Newfoundland is so hard for Americans to pronounce properly?
  • We drank Homo milk from a bag when we were kids. Did your grandmothers rinse and use them as sandwich bags too?…anyone??
  • Anytime anyone says New Orleans, we automatically sing in our heads: is sinking man and I Don’t…

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7 Responses to You Know You’re Canadian When…

  1. Happy Canada Day from the edge of the North Atlantic, in NL !

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Happy Canada Day to you too, Sally. Newfoundland is famous now, thanks to the marvelous show, Come From Away! And the show doesn’t show anything about the amazing icebergs that float down the coast. 🙂

      • Hi Jane ! Yes, this is a fabulous place. We are waiting for the jumping majestic whales now. But the best part of our province is the fabulous, friendly Newfoundlanders. 🤗

        • Jane Fritz says:

          You’ve got that right. In what I like to think is a very friendly country, and speaking as someone from the friendly Maritimes, Newfoundlanders stand out for their friendliness. I have to tell everyone who’s seen Come From Away that the extreme friendliness portrayed in it is REAL!!

        • Yes, for sure. We call everyone ” my love, my dear, my darling, or my duckie” .😄

  2. oui-liette says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Happy CANADA Day!!

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