Migrant Girl Named Ana Franco Begins Keeping A Diary In US Detention Centre

This satirical piece isn’t messing around. Too close to the mark to be funny, the analogy Out and Abouter is using gets an important message across effectively and chillingly.

The Out And Abouter

migrantdetentionReminiscent of nothing in particular, and certainly not the most poignant, resolute, triumphant, and tragic story written in the 20th century, a young girl in a detention centre in Clint, Texas has begun keeping a diary. And her name is Ana Franco. 

“It’s just my diary,” Ana says through an interpreter, brushing a strand of hair away from her face as she writes under the bright fluorescent lights, which stay on all day and all night. Her penmanship is neat, her lines are straight. Her gaze, when she looks up, is direct.

“El Diario De Ana Franco?” the girl says, shrugging, when asked if she has a name for this private memoir. She seems unaware that a book by that name already exists. And, perhaps thankfully, incognizant of the scale of tragedy that lies in it being written again. 

“Well first off, where did she get a pen and…

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