Pondering my golden years — from the blog Where on Earth is Francine?

This enjoyable blog post by Francine Sullivan might more appropriately be called “Pondering my pre-golden years”, since I think of the golden years as being, well, let’s say older than Francine.  However, if you’re pondering your retirement years, I hope you’ll find this post offering plenty of encouragement.


Yesterday I volunteered with a woman of a similar age to me. We both commented on the fact that we truly enjoy being retired. She then mentioned how, in her first year of retirement, she did absolutely nothing. I think she was primarily referring to not having taken on new interests, rather than truly doing […]

via Pondering my golden years — Where on Earth is Francine?

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2 Responses to Pondering my golden years — from the blog Where on Earth is Francine?

  1. Thanks for your support Jane. I did look up a definition of ‘golden years’ before using it and found it relates to any time in retirement. It’s funny how you and I viewed it differently. I think of ‘golden years’ as around 50, given it’s a golden wedding anniversary, so it made me feel younger than my true age. They’re all just numbers though really 😉


    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. I guess I just don’t like to think of myself in my golden years yet, and I’ve got several years on you. But these years are pretty darn golden, as you describe so well, so I may have to modify my thoughts wrt that term! 😏


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