Senior Living

As a 70+er with kids of an age similar to Liette (at blog A Sassy Lifestyle), I was taken by her honest and heartwarming analysis of aging, in this case of her parents and their friends. A nice read for those who find themselves in this exalted phase of life and also for those of you whose find your parents in that exalted phase of life! Btw, for the interest of fellow Maritimers, Liette’s parents life in Moncton. She lives in Las Vegas! 😊

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Senior Living

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a senior citizen? Neither had I. My parents have been in a seniors apartment building for the past five years or so. I would visit and say hi to the “old” people in the halls, but I always seemed to be in a rush; rushing in and rushing out.

Then something happened, my dad go sick; at first, when I would travel back, I would spend a few nights with my parents; they set up a bed for me in my dad’s TV room, but I would eventually end up in a hotel or at a friends house.

This last time I was home, I could tell they really wanted and needed me to be here with them. So instead of rushing in and rushing out, I stayed.

Here are my observations; I don’t think we give “older” people…

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8 Responses to Senior Living

  1. Liette, great observations. Humorous and honest. There’s a wealth of living and loving there… So glad you met the Snow Angel and spread your own kind of magic. I’m sure you were a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine.

  2. Reading this reminds me of all the loved ones we’ve cared for and the bittersweet memories of their short time with us. I find myself drawn to my older friends and those with health issues and am making the time to touch base with them on a regular basis if not daily just to hear their voice and reminisce.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Oh, Rita, how very well put. That’s it exactly, to continually remind ourselves how important it is to reach out now to those we care about and who have had an impact on our lives, while we can. It matters to those we reach out to, and it also matters enormously to us. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize it or don’t think we have time. Sometimes the things we think we need to be doing instead of reaching out aren’t really all that important in the overall scheme of things.

  3. oui-liette says:

    Thank you for sharing,Jane.

  4. Lots of wisdom here…I am sharing with a friend a bit younger than us who finds herself briefly living in an assisted living facility in her mom’s room. Mom has moved to palliative care and family home on the market.

    I expect it will resonate. Thanks Jane.
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